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Get Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Kitesurfing School at Cherry Beach in Toronto, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.
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All Season ground lessons on land or snow.

+*Fly a Foil Trainer Kite: Land Training Only. Learn Faster and safer before moving on...All Gear included...
Bring Payment for Lessons Start...

Introduction to Kiteboarding. Basic Safety Rules and Common Sense, Acceptable Behavior
Terminology & Correct Kite Setup
Understanding the "Wind Window"
Gaining control of the kite in the Wind Window, general kite flying, safe launching & landing.
Various important information directly related to Kiteboarding... (Very important) before moving on to PBK 2-3

We cover more Detailed kite flying, that relates to Kiteboarding. The average person flies a trainer on the beach. A PBK Student learns the complexity of specific training for Kiteboarding.

There is a lot of theory that is directly related to Kiteboarding safety, weather, choosing a location and learning to understand why we teach you specific maneuvers.

We also discuss many aspects of PBK2 and 3 to help blend the 3 levels and cut the Kiteboarding learning curve. We'd rather split up the lessons and even teach one on one to get you going ASAP.

Most lessons are ONE on ONE. We don't rush you through in big groups.

We don't want to over-load you, so we like to split up lessons.

After this lesson it's best to get an Ozone Imp or Flow and fly an trainer kite for 20-30hrs before PBK2-3. We have a selection of the Best Trainers Kites you can get. (Very Important)

If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own we have a DVD Progressions Beginner that can help.
Custom PBK Theory and Trainer Kite Flying on the Beach or Snow
Flying on the Beach. 4 Max

Fly a Trainer on day 1 and get PBK Custom Theory!
Many details relating to PBK2 and PBK3.
Learn Faster, Smarter and Safer, the PBK Way!

If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own we have a DVD Progressions Beginner that can help and the Best 4 Line Trainer Kites with a Loop to hook into a harness. Ozone Imps and Ozone Flows

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As Seen in the Toronto Sun Teaching a Student at Woodbine Beach
Woodbine Beach is an excellent location to Fly your new Ozone Imp or Flow Trainer Kites. The Best yopu can get.

We also do our PBK1 (Intro to Kiting) Lesson here.
Toronto Woodbine Beach
We Kiteboard on Closed Cell Foils
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Click to see the Best Trainer Kites Here:
Ozone Imps and Flows
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