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FK Foil Kite Lessons and Tech Support
Open to all, time permiting.
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We want our Customers to do well and learn Safer and Faster. After you have  read the Foil Kite Manual, FK1-2-3 Lessons, Riding or Technical Support Guidelines can help you to feel more confident with your New Open or Closed Cell Foil Kite Gear.
PBK offers this to help Support Customers who buy their Gear form PBK. "We Know Foil Kites" and offer Repairs and Parts.
Payment due at start of Lesson/Tech support by phone or Skype...
for all courses:

Average costs for PBK Foil Kites services that customers request:

We Know Foil Kites!
Give us a call 416-462-3791 or
E-mail PBK anytime. We can help with most technical problems along the way to help you become successful.

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