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Get Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Kitesurfing School at Cherry Beach in Toronto, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.
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So much of Kiteboarding is about Kite Flying 80%. And it’s not as easy as it looks so I like to separate lessons.. Any place that says you can learn Kiteboarding Properly in a weekend is not right..  Such a great Sport!! But Kiteboarding is still an extreme Sport. I just tell it the way it is…. 7 years teaching.

Also Snowkiting in winter is a great way to get better at Kiteboarding over the years:
Keswick, Lake Simcoe in winter:

After PBK1… it’s best to get a good trainer kite for your weight.

I'll go over what trainer trainer kite to get. With the trainer you'll used to the Pull and Power that you will need later… when you get a 12-17m Kiteboarding Kite (so much power is needed to pull you out of the water)

If you do PBK1-2 you may forget PBK2 later since you have to fly your trainer before PBK3.
Basically, when I started, the place I got my kites from didn’t want to help me with lessons
or kite repair/Support when I started kiting. (Left out in the Cold) so I started PBK…

On PBK3 I save the best wind days for Customers that get their kite from PBK, so the same thing doesn’t happen to Customers… I want to be ready to help and PBK does Pro Kite repairs as well.

PBK1 the best way to start! .5hrs Great Theory (I'll also chat about later PBK2-3) then 2hrs flying the trainer Kite. Get rid of bad habits right away and looking forward to why you need to practice.. I demonstrate everything first. You'll be so far ahead of others  trying to learn on their own. I'll you what it's really Like to be a Kiteboarder.

Main Location for PBK1 is Woodbine Beach Toronto:
See Map and Street View Below:
Custom Theory and Trainer Kite Flying on the Beach or Snow
Open to All. We Supply the Kite for the Lesson.
$340 each +hst  PBK Custom Theory and Trainer Kite Flying...
4 Max. Usually one on one.

Fly a Trainer on day 1 and get PBK Custom Theory!

If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own we have a DVD Progressions Beginer that can help and the Best 4 Line Trainer Kites with a Loop to hook into a harness. Ozone Imps and Ozone Flows
also the Flysurfer Viron.
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Teaching a Student at: Woodbine Beach
Woodbine Beach is an excellent location to Fly your new Ozone Imp or Flow Trainer Kites. As well as Toronto Island. The Best you can get.

We also do our PBK1 (Intro to Kiting) Lesson here and the Island, depending on the wind.
Toronto Woodbine Beach!

We Kiteboard on Inflatable Kites and Closed Cell Foil Kites, as well as Open Cell Foils Snowktiting in winter. More Movies below and on our PBK Youtube Page
the PBK1 Page
ozone Ignition V2 Trainer Kite Canada USA
Ozone Kites Logo Cannada PBKiteboarding.com
Ozone ChickenLoops Canada USA
Ozone Snowkite Harness Snowkite Harness Canada USA
Ozone Access V7 Canada USA
Ozone Frenzy V10 Canada USA
Ozone Subzero V1 Canada USA
Ozone R1 V2 Cannada USA
Ozone Chrono V3 Cannada USA
Ozone Harness Canada USA
ozone explore v1 land snow kite snowkiting kite skiiing kite
Ozone Hyperlink V1 Cannada USA
Chrono V3
Click to see the Best Trainer Kites Here:
Ozone Imps and Flows
Blue Menu PBK
How to Schedule PBK1 See info Below: We work with the Weather!
PBK Paul Kiting at Woobine Beach 1 on the Flysurfer Speed 3 19m
PBK Paul Kiting at Woobine Beach 2 on Flysurfer Kites
PBK Paul Kiting at Cherry Beach 1
Kite Cam Ozone Edge 13m Aboards 137
PBK Paul Kiting at Cherry Beach on the
Flysurfer Speed 3 12m with Customer
Feel free to call for more info and feedback..
I teaches fulltime Weekdays and Weekend…
What is your time like..? We keep checking weather a couple
of days ahead and even before leaving to the beach.
So keep me updated...
For the Day of my Lesson to keep in touch to meet when we have left for the Beach:
E-mail your cell as well.

Woodbine Beach, Cherry Beach and Hanlans Beach on Toronto Island are Blue Flag Beaches. See more Info>>

PBK1 is Training on the Beach, but you can get an Idea of what Kiteboarding is like in Toronto in some of these movies Below:
The Blue Flag is                                             awarded to beaches and marinas that meet strict standards for water quality, environmental management and education, safety and services.
Blue Flag is a highly respected and recognized international eco-label. Blue Flags are awarded to beaches and marinas that meet strict criteria for water quality, environmental education, environmental management, and safety and services.Blue Flags are flying at 15 beaches and 3 marinas in Canada.
More Info 'Click
How to Plan for PBK1?

Schedule is all based on good Wind & Weather just like it will be always later for Kiteboarding.
So, may as well learn this truth now. It's not windy every day, or the right amount of wind or direction anywhere in Ontario at a certain predetermined time, so we work with Mother Nature

1) Check this weather Link 1 to  2 days in advance to match up with your free time.
Click this link it will open a new window.
PBK Toronto Weather Link
PBK Paul Snowkiting in Keswick on Lake Simcoe Ozone Frenzy 7m, Aboards Reverse Snowboard
I'd like to say that as a busy Professional, I value my time. I’ve always wanted to try Kiteboarding
PBK it all became clear, no rushing and great deal on knowledge and information.
Now I’m up and riding on my new Ozone Edge 13! What a Rush! 


Too old? PBK says no... But Paul got me to do Snowkiting first. I hadn’t skied for years, but it all came back for a fun filled snowkiting season. Now I'm getting the hang of Kiteboarding. Thanks PBK.


I had some used kites and though I was ready to get into this sport. My Wife told me I had to take certified lesson. I was lucky I found Paul at PBK. He helped me a great deal and I found out that the 8m kite some guy sold me was far too small for a 210pound guy. My board was to small too. It all came together when Paul explained the "Details of Kiteboarding Physics" drawing and all.


This PBK1 course was so informative. I thought Kiteboarding was going to be so simple, but now I realize why I needed to take this
lesson to learn faster and safer and to practice before going on to the water with better control.

What? Get stuck out there? Never though of that. A self rescue? The first place I called didn't even mention it. Now that I'm kiting and have had to rescue myself a few time. I'm glad I knew what to do. Knowledge is not only power, but safety as well.


One enthusiastic Instructor! Every minute was Soooo.... exciting, flying the trainer kite! I just picked up my Flow 3m and can't wait to practice some more. Bring on the wind! Paul taught me how to look for the right kind of weather and wind even before I got to the beach.


2) Look for 10-20km/h on the graphs and e-mail Paul at PBK to let me know so I can double Check and plan using my 8 years of Experience.
I will let you know if it looks good then we can plan for that day and work out a time.

Best directions are from ENE-E-S-SW-WSW
(Comes mostly from the water)

Also OK when 15kph-25kph W-NW-N (Comes over the tree a bit more) or at another location.

3) Check the weather again in the am and before you plan to leave for PBK1, always Contact me before you leave as well to double check. The weather can change. I'll then choose the best location. We only book for a day that should be good. That's what Kiting is like.

4) What to wear? Dress for the Weather. Running shoes work best on the beach but some like bare feet. But you could step on something sharp. Sunglasses, Sunscreen and a hat can really help when Sunny. If Colder out wear warm pants, Jacket, Hat Gloves etc.
E-mail your Cell to stay in touch.
PBK Feedback:
Toronto Beaches! Blue Flag!
Also see this great PBK Weather Page