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New deals, used, demo and consignment kiteboarding kitesurfing kites! Used and demo and trade-in kiteboarding and snowkiting gear,  for pick up or ship, Canada, USA and Worldwide. Contact PBK for other gear that you may want to trade In. Just Ask!
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Inflatabale Kites Best for Water but can be used on Snow or Land
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Many of our kiteboarding youtube videos here:  PBK kiteboarding videos are shot right here in Toronto Ontario at Cherry Beach, Woodbine Beach and the Ashbridges Bay area in Toronto east. PBKiteboarding 5 minutes from Cherry Beach and Woodbine Beach. We are only 5 to10 minutes from downtown Toronto GTA.  Our beaches are some of the best places to do kite surfing & kiteboarding in Canada. We also provide kiteboarding lessons for customer at Cherry Beach.

We kite at various spots in for Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario, depending on the wind direct and wind speed. We have learned a great deal about this sport since 2004. The wind in Toronto and the GTA is generally lighter in the summer and windier in spring and fall. During winter. We have great locations for snowkiting. The winter happens to be the windiest time of the year. Have a look at this aerial drone video of Cherry Beach, by PBK.

Getting the best information about kiteboarding, kitesurfing & snowkiting is very important. 85% of the sport is actually about flying the kite, compared to 15% for the board or skis. If you want to learn on your own. It's best to get a trainer kite, like the Ozone Ignition 3 line kite.
You can start learning how to kite anytime of the year. Late fall and early spring can be a fine time to take your first kiting lesson, PBK1 or PBKS1. When ready to move to a bigger snow kite, we have a great selection of inflatable, open cell and closed cell snow kites. At PBK, we know kites!
Kiteboarding is one of the latest water sports! We sell the best inflatable and foil kites in Toronto and accross Canada & USA, such as Ozone Kites, Fone kites and many kiteboards and hydrofoils. The PBK Kite Shop also offer kite repairs and certified lessons to help ensure our customers enjoy the sport to its fullest!

The joy of Kiteboarding in Toronto Ontario Canada, how a kiter harnesses the power of the wind with a large controllable Kiteboarding or Kitesurfing power kite that is propelled across the water, land, or snow. Join us for a rush with the wind! We also do Kite Snowboarding and Kite Skiing Lessons. All the Kite Gear you need to purchase from a One Stop Shop! 2004!
Kiteboarding vs Kitesurfing?
The short answer is that Kitesurfing was used earlier on in the sport since the first inflatable kite was invented in France where the name Kitesurfing was used. Kitesurfing is still used more so in Europe that in North America. The Sport was also being developed in the USA and the name Kiteboarding was used. As the sport has developed, the name Kiteboarding is more prevalent, however, kitesurfing gear is still very much used and the same as kiteboarding gear.
Kiteboarding for Beginners?
At PBK we enjoy helping customers with their kitesurfing equipment to kite board, kitesurf from the very beginning kiteboarding Toronto. Should you need a trainer kite - power kite to start off the safe way with for kite surfing training. A larger kite for kiting on land or kite skiing or kite snowboarding on snow, small ones from 1.6m to large kites for water and snow up to 21 meters! PBKiteboarding can help! We also sell smaller items such a kite board fins and waist and seat harnesses as well. If you need a kite wind meter or sunglasses, we have that too!
How to Buy Kiteboarding Gear?
Contact PBK! We have the most experience on selection and riding skills. We can put together a fantastic Kiteboarding Kites package for you.

More Info:

When you get into kiteboarding canada, you can just have fun learning how to fly your powerkites, stunt kites on the beach sometimes called traction kiting. Kite flying for fun and get better flying your kite more often. This is a Fantastic way to learn. You could also simply start first by taking professional kite instruction from PBK. We also have a selection of instructional progression kitesurfing lessons dvds, beginner, intermediate and advanced kite lessons as well as a "how to snowkite dvd". With kitesurfing lessons, once you learn to rig, launch and land your kite properly and complete the self recue class PBK2, you'll later move on to body dragging the water and complete the PBK3 kiteboarding lesson,  getting up on the board, you will eventually learn how to edge and carve your kiteboard, to kite upwind and be thrilled that you are now having some freeriding fun, able to go almost anywhere and not just downwind anymore. Higher winds with a smaller kite can come later.

As you add more kites to your kite quiver, you'll get more kiting days in. You might enjoy getting into freestyle, wakestyle kiteboarding and enjoy learning more tricks as time goes by. At PBK your kite Instructor can help you improve along the way once you've flown your kite more often. More kite flying is the safest way to continue learning the sport. Take lessons from PBK to get to the next level, we also teach twin tips kiteboarding big jumps with jumping lessons to maximize your skill and fun if you are excited about big air and hangtime and smooth landings. You can also get super stocked and take a kite loops lessons or learn to ride a foilboard (directional board) with straps or strapless hydrofoil lessons for the latest technical riding.

We have deep water spots for Toronto kiteboarding that are perfect for hydro foiling (Like a secret weapon for lightwinds) and also some flat water cruising or waves at Woodbine beach for kitesurfing with a surfboard. You'll see surfers out there too.

At PBKiteboarding.com, we have the best kiteboarding gear in Canada, kites and kiteboards at our kite shop that will help you progress as quickly as possible and glide along flat water like a dream. We do this many days Kiteboarding in Toronto Ontario in lighter winds. See PBK in this Video Gopro Vids kiteboarding Toronto at Cherry Beach, which is a beautiful spot for watersports. When you get a new or used kiteboarding kite from PBK, it may be a leading edge inflatable kite with a bladder inside that you pump up or an open cell or closed cell foil kite that holds their shape with the help of bridle lines. Either way, we are very knowledgeable kiteboarding in Ontario and will help you choose a kite packages including helping with kite repairs when needed.

We don't have trade winds in Ontario, however our wind conditions are windy enough for some of the best place for this extreme sport, providing for lots of fun for beginners to pro kiters! Checking the wind forecast over the years, summer in Toronto has lighter winds, breeze overall. In very light winds, you can see people enjoying other boardsports and use a stand up paddle board and go paddleboarding or other watersports such as kayak, kayaking and jet ski and windsurfing and sailing. Another way to have fun in very light winds is flying your trainer kite (kiteboarding practise kite) or kitesurfing trainer kite  on the beach.

Is kitesurfing easy to learn? It can be, however, the best place to learn to kitesurf is on the beach with a good trainer kite like the Ozone Ignition is the best beginner kiteboarding kite to learn on for hours of fun! The Ignition 3 line trainer kite is better than a 4 line trainer kite since it has less drag and can fly in lighter winds. Or, take kite flying lessons with PBK right here in Toronto.

We have the best beginner kiteboard available as well. Kiters can learn faster with the right kite board.

How much does it cost to get into kiteboarding in Canada USA?
If you'd like to know where to buy kitesurfing equipment, kiteboarding and kitesurfing gear cost or kitesurfing equipment packages of our many products, just ask. Join the Toronto kite club, at PBK we're happy to help! We have the best kites for kiteboarding and also used kitesurfing equipment, kiteboarding starter kit, trade in kites and demo kites at times. Our kitesurf online shop, kiteboarding online store, allows PBKiteboarding access to buy 100's of kiteboarding kites, kiteboard, parts and options for customers. Check out our kitesurf sale, kite equipment for sale.

How long does it take to learn how do you kiteboard? It takes an average student with little or no experience approx. Kiteboarding Toronto requires 5-8 hours of professional instruction with ideal wind & water conditions to learn the basics. For a complete tuition (riding upwind) you will need around 20 hours.

Kiteboarding Toronto, spring and fall are windier and gustier winds, with the winter being the windiest and sometimes gusty. We have sunny lightwind days in winter as well for wonderful Snowkiting, ski kitesurfing, kite skiing, kitesurf sailing with a snowboard in Ontario on Ozone Kites. To kite Toronto, It's always important to check the weather conditions before going kite boarding or snowkiting. It can get quite cold as the fall weather set in. We can get you into a cozy drysuit, or neoprene wetsuit, cold water gloves, hoods, helmet, floatation vests and booties for kiting in Toronto and to be ready to get some more time on the water in when it gets chilly for kiteboarding Canada. We can ship your gear right to your door or pick up in Toronto at our kite shop by appointment.

Some kiters will travel for kiteboarding to place such as Cape Hatteras for downwinders. Other kiters might like kite boarding kite surf travel to tropical places like Cuba, Baja, Mexico, Cabarete maybe even Maui or kitesurfing in Costa Rica!

In some case we can provide kite rentals such as in snowkiting with lessons. We also have a selection of used gear or demo gear for the rider to purchase from PBKiteboarding. snow kiting, kite snowkiting and kite skiing is easier that kite boarding and kitesurfing. All you really need is a trainer kite, skis or a snowboard for some inexpensive fun on a snow covered field or frozen lake.

Kiteboarding on Land

Kiters also can use a trainer kite or larger kite with a 3 wheel kite buggy, buggies or 4 wheel mountain boards, skateboards we can get for you for flat packed beaches or other terrain such as fields and parking lots and pathways.

Kiteboarding kites do wear out over time. When you buy cheap kitesurfing gear or cheap kiteboarding packages that have been used allot, be prepared for having to do some repairs. When is comes to PBK Kite Repair we fix all sorts of power kites, ozone kites, Catalyst, Edge, C4, Alpha, Enduro, Frenzy, Subzero, Access, Explore, flysurfer kites, liquid force, core kites, cabrinha, contra, slingshot, north kiteboarding, rebel, naish, sail, switchblade, drifter, ocean rodeo kites, f one bandit kite, f one kiteboarding kites Canada.
R1 V2
10m blue

5m forest green
5m marine blue
5m marine blue $1494
5m orange $1494

7m green $1695

bar only not all sizes available
Ozone Bar
6M blue/black/yellow

8m Marine Blue
9m Orange
11m Forest Green
13m Forest Green
13m Orange $1856

7m marine blue
7m UL  orange
13m forest green
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