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GIN GLIDERS PARAGLIDING is a leading brand of high end and competition paragliders. The DIABLO was designed by Gin SEOK SONG and then tested and developed by two previous paragliding world champions:

GIN test pilot Hans BOLLINGER and the F-ONE designer Robert GRAHAM. They used advanced design and manufacturing technologies that have been acquired through many years of paragliding. The experience of this collaboration has enabled us to quickly build a kite that has already placed F-ONE team riders on the podium of international competitions.

The collaboration between F-ONE and GIN GLIDERS was natural because both the companies and the founders GIN SEOK SONG and Raphael SALLES are driven by the same passion. Passion for their respective sport as well as for high end products and innovation.

The DIABLO was a success right from the first few races as Maxime NOCHER was present on the podium with impressive multiple 1st places. The performances were of course there but the entire team was also focused on the other features that the kite must also have:

- Quality: the choice of the fabrics, the construction, and the high quality controls are direct descendants from high end paraglider production. The need for control is greater for foil kites because the body and bridles are more complicated and demand high precision.

- Stability and ease of use: our philosophy is not only to target high performance but also to have a kite that is easy to use for everyone.

- Bar feeling: for some riders getting into foil kiting it is a new experience so we wanted to have a bar feeling as close as what they are used to having with inflatable kites.

- Handling and turning: the way the kite turns and the bar pressures during the turn are key positive aspects of the DIABLO.

- Look: because a high end product should also be beautiful the DIABLO has an incredibly majestic presence in the sky.

Itís quite difficult to quantify all of the design and construction features present in the DIABLO,  but when flying this incredible kite you will feel the passion, energy and knowledge that the work of the production team have achieved. Mr GIN, two world paragliding champions Hans BOLLINGER and Robert GRAHAM, racing world champion Maxime NOCHER, top foil riders Romain CASTEL and Joey PASQUALI and our experience: only such an incredible team could enable us to enter into the top level of foil kites in such a short time.
Thanks to all these improvements the kite holds firmly its position on the edge of the flight window while riding with no forth and back movements. The continuous traction it provides is impressive whatever the wind strength. This is especially efficient for upwind riding where the Bandit will let you ride with a better angle effortlessly with good speed control.

This new improved flight stability opens the way for some really stable steering, free of all parasitic movements. The bar feeling is more than ever direct, accurate and clean. In the low range the Bandit is responsive and light while in the high range the kite proves reassuring and absorbs the gust.

PBK the Foil Kite Specialists!
At PBK we have the most experience with foilkites! We also have extensive experience with inflatable kites as well and service both types of kites for our Customers!

F-ONE DIABLO - Manual from F-ONE KITES on Vimeo.

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The story of the DIABLO is first of all a men story.

When we decided to start the foil kite program it was only because we were able to collaborate with a state of the art designer and factory from the paragliding industry, namely Mr Gin SEOK SONG.