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Seaspecs Kiteboarding & Extreme Sports Sunglasses! The best Polarized Sunglasses,  that won't Slip off. PBK Customer have grown to love this Item. Variety of Colors...
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SeaSpecs Patented Extreme Secure Strap

SeaSpecs Patented Extreme Secure Strap

SeaSpecs Non-elastic, Easily Adjustable and Comfortable Secure Strap keeps SeaSpecs on your head during your Extreme Surfing, Kite Surfing, Windsurfing, Jet Skiing, Snowboarding and all other Extreme Sports!

SeaSpecs are made for Extreme Conditions,
therefore our patented strap is not removable!

Removeable straps will fall apart under Extreme Conditions. Insist on a Non-Removable Strap! Beware of using a leash instead of a Non-Removable Secure Strap. Sunglass leashes are designed to be worn around your neck. Never wear a leash/noose around your neck during Extreme Sports!

SeaSpecs Patented Extreme Lenses

All SeaSpecs come standard with our Patented, High Quality Impact Resistant Polarized Extreme Lenses at NO EXTRA CHARGE and provide 100% UVA & UVB Protection! All SeaSpecs Extreme Lenses meet or exceed all applicable United States, European, Australian and many other countrys' regulations.

SeaSpecs Head Size

SeaSpecs Patented Extreme Secure Strap is easily adjustable and fits almost all Men, Women and Children.


SUN rays reflecting off the ocean can be blinding, not to mention harmful to one’s eyes. Still, surfers have long resisted wearing protective sunglasses or goggles because they were too easy to lose, too likely to become foggy or waterlogged.

But now there is ventilated, draining eyewear made to be worn while surfing, windsurfing, kayaking and jet skiing. Adjustable straps keep them secure during spills.

To see if watersport glasses made a difference, Katie Coryell, a professional surfer and instructor at Surf Diva, a school for women and girls in La Jolla, Calif., wore them on the water for a week. She was eager to try them, she said, because “some of my contemporaries already have eye problems, and I have a lot of years of surfing ahead of me.”

Extreme Sports Sunglasses for our Canadian 4 seasons!
Excellent on Trips down South.
Save your Eyes!

Kiteboarding, Snowkiting, Skiing, Snowboarding, Kayaking, water skiing, wakeboard, mountain biking and other Extreme Sports.
SeaSpecs Patented Injection Molded Nylon Frame
is made for Extreme Conditions and is extremely strong, yet lightweight. SeaSpecs Hinges are an integral part of our Frame and are also made of Nylon, thereby making SeaSpecs hinges as strong as our frame.

SeaSpecs Do Not use metal hinges, because Metal Hinges Will Rust and fall apart.

SeaSpecs Patented Full Wrap-Around Frame

All SeaSpecs utilize our Patented Full Wrap-Around Frame which provide Complete Coverage of your eyes and keep sunlight and spray out of your eyes during Extreme Conditions.

SeaSpecs Frames are Ventilated!

SeaSpecs Frames are Ventilated which help keep your Lenses clear! When using sunglasses during Extreme Water Sports, insist upon Ventilated Frames for Optimum ClaritySeaSpecs Float!

SeaSpecs Patented Design allows SeaSpecs to Float while enjoying your Extreme Ocean Sports!

1. The Jet Specs, our most popular, use the Black Frame, with the Polarized Grey Lenses and are best for real sunny days;

SeaSpecs Patented Soft Nose and Bridge Cushion!

SeaSpecs are designed for Extreme Conditions and come standard with our Patented Non-Removable Soft Nose and Bridge Cushion which protects your nose and the bridge of your nose in the event of a wipeout. Insist upon a Non-Removable Nose and Bridge Cushion for Extreme Conditions!
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Lightning Specs - Zoom In
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Crystal Specs - Zoom In
Sunfire Specs - Zoom In
Sunfire Specs - Zoom In
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Cobalt Blue - Zoom In
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Copper Blaze - Zoom In
Jet Specs Black
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