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Snowkiting Lessons Toronto Ontario Canada Kite Skiing Lessons School

At PBK We Specialize in Toronto, Keswick, Lake Simcoe Ontario snowkite skiing and snowboard lessons with the best snowkites you can get!
At PBK, we have lessons for beginers that have never flown a kite, to experienced kiters that want to improve their skills, carving, jumping and more. See the Full Lessons Page PBK S1 to PBK S8

"I've been having a blast snowkiting in strong winds on my snowboard with the Ozone Ignition 3m... nice jumps too...." Jerry B.

"Paul, just like you said... Crazy about 4 lines... I can relaunch myself... and like to fly more often... Chicken loop is great too!! Hooked in..." PBK 1 Lesson cut my learning curve !...Thanks!. Terry C.

Fun Kite Episode:

So today when I woke up I saw all the snow in London got and I started to become excited because it was supposed to be very windy today! I really wanted to have another go at using my skis but then I remembered that my sister has been borrowing them for a week now and will still have them for another week


When I lent them to her there wasn't supposed to be snow for another few weeks. Anyway, I was bummed but I decided to go out anyway, but without skis. Man was it ever windy!!!!
PBK Snowkiting 11m Frenzy
Here is an example of Paul from PBK doing freestyle on the Ozone Frenzy 11m
We can give you guidelines on how to improve your skills. Select the Image to see the Action!
Join PBK for the Rush of Snowkiting!
Snowkite Student

Getting up wind like crazy... Back Rolls, Front Rolls, Spins, Kite Loops, Front roll Kite Loops....) Snowkiting is easier than Kiteboarding and is a good prep for spring...
Take PBK S1, Starting Dec 1st to get your flying skill ready for Snowkiting.

Snowkiting instruction on Ozone depower kites
Click below to see more... PBK Official Ozone Dealer... Highest quality snowkites! Sub Zero, Access, Explore and more! Foils are like having 2 kites in one with massive depower...! PBK is available to teach most weekdays and weekends during the season.

Select an Ozone Kite from the gallery and contact PBK for detailed info and the latest prices