Get Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Kitesurfing School at Cherry Beach in Toronto, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.
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"I can't believe how fast I learned this Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Sport with Professional Kitesurfing, high quality unique kiteboarding instruction!
--- John

Kiteboarding and Kitesurfing is Fantastic. I was so glad I took lessons from the Start. During PBK1, I learn so much more than my buddy did on his own. Now, I'm up and kiting upwind and my  buddy is still not even up on the board. Thanks PBK
--- Harry

I planned to take kitesurfing lessons in Toronto, but I took Kitesurfing lessons in the Tropics instead beacuse of my trip. They kind of rushed me though my lessons and I couldn't even remember what I was doing. They didn't even teach me how to do a kite self rescue and I was stuck out there by myself for an hour. Once I came back to Toronto, I took PBK1-2-3 and got a good grasp on kiteboarding and learned more even in PBK1 than in hours trying to fly a big kite down south. PBK 2 was great, and Paul has shown me how to be more secure and knowledgeable as well as more independent! Kiteboarding lessons for beginers is the best way to go!
--- Scott

Kitesurfing Lessons Worth it? Wow, for sure. I thought this sport would be simple by the way I saw guys doing it. But man, I learned so  much so fast! The way Paul teaches is Second to none. I more of a visual learner and come from a Windsurfing Background. The example Paul gave me were so clear and easy to understand. Loving my New Ozone Kites!

I wasn't sure where to turn and looked around for Kiteboarding Gear and felt pretty lost. What to get? Sizes? What gear is safe? Thankfully I ran in to Paul from PBK at the Beach and he fill me in and mentioned he could get me all the Gear I needed and help teach me how to use it. I leant my kite to a friend (dumb thing) I got a small rip in it, but Paul was there do repair it and it looks like new again. I can appreciate the service and support since I special in that as a career. PBK is Top Notch.
--- Moris

I'm only 105lbs and did snowkiting lesson with PBK and it was fantastic. Radio helmet blew my mind.  I just did my water lesson recently and plan to kite allot at my place in the tropics with my new Ozone Catalysts 8m and 12m. The Ozone Frenzys were great for Snowkiting.
--- Angela

Toronto Yellow Kite
To get Started Read PBK1-2-3 to see Information prices and length of each course, then Contact PBK for final scheduling and more information.
See how Lessons Overlap>. They work together to branch information from one kitesurfing lesson to the next. All starting with flying the kite in PBK1 with allot of theory relating to PBK2 and even PBK3. The 3 separate lessons help prevent information overload. We specialize in Teaching  Southern Ontario Professionals who want to learn safer and faster. Kiteboarding Lessons Cherry Beach, Kitesurfing Lessons Woodbine Beach Hanlans Beach and More.
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Although PBK1-2 or PBK2-3 could be completed together. You still need to fly your Ozone Imp or Ignition Trainer (Land Snow Kite) for 20-30 hrs before PBK3 for best results. Kiteboarding is 80% Kite flying.

With kiteboarding Lessons Toronto Ontario, kitesurfing lessons Toronto, Ontario, you can learn more safely while getting into this great sport! It helps to cut the learning curve and focus.
PBK Paul Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Cherry BeachToronto Ontario Canada Video PBK Paul Lead Instructor riding the
- High Quality Lessons In Ontario
- No Cutting Corners to save time
- No Rushing through big Groups
- Most Lessons, One on One
- Full Self Rescue Course
- Keep long term safety in mind
- Pro Advanced Kiter Instruction
- Schedule only good wind days
- Learn Weather from the Start
- Pro Kite Sales Support
- Kites, Boards and Accesssories
- Pro Kite Repairs Support
PBK Toronto
PBK Toronto
Humber Bay Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing Toronto Ontario
Cherry Beach Kiteboarding, Kite Surfing Toronto Ontario
Kiteboarding Toronto
Pro Instructor PBK Paul doing Kite Loops on the
Ozone 9m Edge...
Pro One Stop Shop! Certified since 2004

Toronto Ontario. Only PASA Certified Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada and Kitesurfing Lessons as well as Snowkiting lessons and Instruction in Toronto. Learn to Kitesurf in Toronto Ontario Canada. Beginner Kiters to Advance Kiters.

Kiteboarding Lessons Toronto & Kitesurfing Lessons School Toronto

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Get Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
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*Lake Simcoe: Various
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If you plan to kite surf in Toronto Ontario. It's best to take certified lessons from a Pro, especially if you are a beginner kiteboarder planning to do kiteboarding and kitesurfing. Kiteboarding in Canada is truly fantasic, with all the fresh water lakes and vast amount aof ocean front on the east and west coast. Get all your kiteboarding gear in toronto. At PBKiteboarding we have access to the best kiteboarding equipment you can get. If you plan for kiteboarding lessons in hamilton, it's best to come to Toronto or one of our other kitesurfing locations in Ontario. We also help those who plan on kite surtfing lessons in other place in Ontario. We will help you chose the best locations for kiteboarding. If you have taken windsurfing lessons in toronto or are already a good windsurfer. Let use know! Your skill will be very helful for moving ahead in kiteboarding and kite surfing. PBK Kiteboarding has been helping kiters get into the sport since 2004!

At we also have a great selection of beginner kitesurfing videos if you plan to learn on your own. kitesurfing videos can help you to learn kitesurfing in a safer way. We have a fantastic beginner kiteboarding trainner kite for you to learn on! Juts ask! When ready, we can get you the best beginner kitesurfing board to make it even easier along with the best kitesurfing equipment you can get. Kitesurfing eqipment has changed over the years and we like to keep updated with the latest kitesurf gear and kiteboarding equipment that truly makes the diiference in helping our Customers learn as fast and as safely as possible. join us for adventure kiteboarding! Break the kitesurfing learning surve with lesson from PBK. We'll put other a kiteboarding package deal for you.

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