Prgressions Beginer Kiteboarding DVD
How to Snowkite DVD Vol 1
Prgressions Beginer Kiteboarding DVD
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The Progression Kiteboarding Beginner Video series of instructional DVDs are here to give you the confidence and motivation to improve quickly and safely.  A complete, video based learning resource that supports and builds on everything you may have already, or are about to, learn in the your lessons. This DVD contains over 2.5 hours of in depth content and analysis, covering every aspect of beginner kitesurfing from the technical basics to fundamental riding technique.
Kiteboarding DVD`s Beginner Progression! Learn how to Kiteboard, Kiteboarding.
Kiteboarding Progression Beginner  DVD  2nd Edition
Chapter Description

- Location and conditions:
   Understand your environment and become an observant and
   knowledgeable kiter

- Equipment and terminology:
   Overview of all kite styles and how they can make a difference
   to your progression

- Kite Setup:
   Breakdown and detailed explanation of kite and bar set up,
   giving you confidence and independence

- Launching and landing the kite: Understand how to safely start
   and end your session, using both 4 and 5 line kites

- Body Dragging:
   Flying the kite to give you the momemtum required to ride
   and recover your board

- Water re-launch & Self Rescue: Detailed re-launch technique
   and common problem analysis. Outline of the optimum
   self rescue  process.

- Waterstarts and First Runs: Getting you up on the board
   and making those first crucial runs

- Riding and Staying Up Wind:
   Developing your riding technique
   and stance, mastering comfortable up wind riding

- Change of Direction - Sliding Turn: Learn the steps to keep
   your board and kite in sync, and your body out of the water
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