Get Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Kitesurfing School at Cherry Beach in Toronto, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.
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Fine Tuning and Improving your Skills
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We save the Best Wind for our Customers. Time to Kiteboard. Various Locations.

If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own we have a DVD Progressions Beginer that can help and the Best 4 Line Trainer Kites with a Loop to hook into a harness. Ozone Imps and Ozone Flows
Payment due at start of Lesson...Add $100 for Keswick 45min from Toronto.
The lesson starts when we meet. You can add on to the lesson for $140 hr after 3hrs.
Perhaps you'd like to go over some information, ride a little longer or cover more questions that you may have, if time permits
-  How to Edge your board
- How to Kite upwind
- Advanced Jybing
- Or what ever you want to work on.

Optional Zodiac support for those who want to get to the next level of riding, faster... Fall as much as you. Most beginners will go downwind while learning to Kiteboard, especially in lighter winds... Even Intermediates and Advanced riders can't stay upwind when the wind is light or too strong.... Optional for an additional fee for
Lessons will only operate when weather conditions are suitable and may take place at various locations in Ontario.
Please contact PBK Lessons should you have any further questions after reading this page in full.
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