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Get Kiteboarding Lessons in Toronto, Ontario Canada! Kitesurfing School at Cherry Beach in Toronto, Ashbridges Bay, Woodbine Beach, Lake Simcoe and More.
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PBK Gift Card


Larger Water Kite Setup. Launch and Land and Self Rescue & Hand Signals
Currently Reserved for Customer who bought there Kites from PBK, best to learn safety on the kite you will use later. At PBK, we Focus on helping Customers.

$360 each (Incl. hst)
4 Max

Learning the Self Rescue is a Must! What do you do when you get stuck out there.

If you want to learn Kiteboarding on your own we have a DVDProgressions Beginer that can help and the Best 4 Line Trainer Kites with a Loop to hook into a harness. Ozone Imps and Ozone Flows
Learn about safety, self rescue, launch, land, relaunch. LEI (Leading Edge Inflatable Kite):
Open to everyone interested. Safety system and how to set up, launch and land a Water Kite!
Plan to take (PBK2 and 3 closer together) so you don't forget what you've learning in PBK2

Payment due at start of lesson...

Water Kites LEI set up and take down.
Safety Systems
Introduction to harness
Launch, Land and relaunch
Self Rescue techniques
Land lesson and theory (No wind require)

We could do PBK2 and 3 on the same day if we plan it well.

PBK 2 is so detailed with information that we would suggest that you take notes and do your best to stay focused and remember this very important information about safety and self rescue.
We know of many kiters that are pushed through lessons but never learn how to do a deep water self rescue (no touching bottom) and miss out on other basic info. We will cover landing and launching theory as well and go over what is coming up for PBK3 while saving the best wind days to get on the water.
Most lessons are ONE on ONE. We don't rush you through in big groups.

The lesson starts when we meet. You can add on to the lesson for $130 hr after 2.5hrs.

Perhaps you'd like to go over some information or cover more questions that you may have, if time permits.

For great Weather Services, Save $20 from PBK on I-Kitesurf. Try free for a month.

PBK2-3 could be done on the same day. But you still need to fly your Trainer Kite for 20-30 hours for best results before PBK3.
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All the gear is included for use in this lesson. This will also be a great time to see the Ozone Kites. Built for our condition with a 1 Step Safety release to the Front Lines. Also the Ozones have the same Safety Loop as the
Flow Trainer Kites, great to prgress from.
How to Schedule?
Click this link: TO Weather A couple of days in    advance to check the weather. Use this link, the night before
TO Farm Zone to help get an idea of gusts (higher end wind) All we need is a nice no rain morning. Early is good in summer, so it's not to hot. We don't need wind. So look for less than 10kph. Keep checking the weather, we all do it.
Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario Canada
Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario Canada
In the morning of the planned lesson day check TO Farm Zone again. If it still looks good, less than 10k, nice day, no rain. Call 416-462-3791 to set time to meet.
Get ready for the weather. Sunglasses, appropriate clothing, sunscreen. Bring a note pad for some serious theory you'll need to remember for PBK3. We don't want to use up our PBK3 precious wind doing more theory than we need to.
Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario Canada
Meet in Jimmy Simpson Park just in the park by __the trees to the right. where Colgate street ends.
Bring $360 (HST Included)
Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario Canada
We'll be covering allot of very important information that will help you cut the learning curve in Kiteboarding. Slow it all down.

You are also always responsible for you own actions. Taking your time in this sport, thinking things through can be safer for you and others around you As well, you will be part of a group who can help keep kiteboarding under control and open in our area for the future. Kiteboarding is the ultimate sport.

"It just keeps getting better as you improve"

You will learn allot with lessons to help get you going. But much of what you will learn will be on your own after PBK3. As a customer, you can always take further more advanced lessons later on if you'd like.

We're waiting for someone to say that it's as easy as it looked when they watched kiters wipping aorund out there. It just hasn't happened yet. So try not to skip things. We've been there.
Highest Quality & Safety Gear.
This is the Best time to plan out your Kite Gear and learn the self Rescue Techniques on your New Gear from PBK to be the best prepared to learn faster and safer!
A Video preview into how Ozone Front line safety is the best safety system out there.

There are NO specific Dates. PBK2 is mostly based on no rain and your free time...
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