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Xensr Canada! Xensr Videos & Movies! Captures your sports motion so you can jump higher, train harder and compete with friends. All in realtime 3D.
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Customers Sessions to come

PBK Customers are consistently jumping the highest in Ontario and many days on a Global level.

*Highest in the World in Lighter Winds on our highly efficient foil Kites. More info to Come!
See Kathi Cruising on her Flysurfer Speed 15m. Sibbald Point is a Location where the best gear helps us all to make the best use of this location. Power Needed when you least expect it to get back from the Sand Isles.

Fantastic Flysurfer Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Beautiful Sibbald Point Provincial Park, Georgina Island, Sand Isles Fall Colors Lake Simcoe Ontario Canada Fall Colors!

Kiters on the Beach, Kent Setting up his Speed 4 15m. Freds 21m on the Beach. Kathi kiting on her sweet Speed 3 15m. Shaun on his 21m upwinding.
See the Xensr Movies

We've rounded up some of the best Xensr Videos and Movies to show how the Xensr works. These are exciting times wth all the Technological advancements we have! Let's Enjoy the Magnificiant Metrics!
Xensr Videos

Brothers and professional kite boarders, Jesse and Shawn Richman battle it out with the XensrCase, trying to see who can boost the biggest. Just an average day on Maui, Hawaii, but the bro's throw down to make the most of it and the XensrCase proves it.
Track your BMX's every move with XENSR

XENSR CEO David Troup speaks to Tarek Bazley about the revolutionary 3d sensor on Downstream, Al Jazeera with a BMX demonstration.
Xensr - Extremely Connected Fitness

Connected Athlete!

Founder & CEO David Troup displays Xensr's extremely connected
3-D sports tracking solutions
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