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Mystic Kiteboarding Gear! Harnesses - Wetsuits and more. Fine Design Kiteboarding Gear from Europe. See our Selection Below.
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Mystic Warrior Harness
Mystic Handle Pass Leash

The Mystic Handle Pass Leash is longer than a normal lesh which allows you to unhook and pass the Bar handle behind your Back.

The Neoprene cover is ideal for preveting the leash from friction burn when you let go of the bar and miss a trick.
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Mystic Warrior 2
The new Mystic Warrior 3

The 2011 Warrior III is the Trilogy of the most complete and most sold waist harness worldwide. The Mystic Warrior III will surprise you with how comfortable it feels right off the shelve. New outline compared to the Mystic Warrior II, smoother edges, better wrap around your back, and unbelievably comfortable.

The same anatomical back plate, as on the Mystic Warrior II, continues to support you taking the shape of your lower back. Amazing support, tremendous comfort and all the features you could ever need on a harness:
HP Leash system, knife (integrated with the spreader bar) and killer new looks.
2011 Mystic Warrior 3 Harness _Mystic Canada USA Blue 2011 Mystic Warrior 3 Harness _Mystic Canada USA Blue 2011 Mystic Warrior 3 Harness _Mystic Canada USA Blue
Various Colors
and Sizes.
Various Colors
and Sizes.
2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_001 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_002 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_003 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_004
2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_005 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_006 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_007 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_008
2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_009 2011_Mystic_Shadow_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_010
Mystic Shadow Waist Harness Black

PUSHING THE LIMITS NEEDS COMFORT! - The first High Performance Ultra Light Waist Harness!
The Mystic Shadow Waist Harness is the latest development from Mystic. How can you create a better harness than the Warrior II or the Firestarter? The Mystic Shadow waist harness is Mysticís ultralight waist harness weighing aprx. 3 lbs, utilizing the Warrior IIís plate technology, creating amazing support, comfort, and range of motion. Together with the plate technology, the NEW Clicker bar, leash and knife, the Mystic Shadow waist harness is the waist harness of choice for pro riders Shawn Richman and Youri Zoon and makes an unbeatable package.
The Mystic Shadow Waist Harness is now available and shipping worldwide!.
Various Colors
and Sizes.
2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_Silver_m 2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_02 2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_03 2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_04
2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_05 2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_06 2011_Mystic_Code_1_Harness_Mystic_Canada_USA_07
Mystic Dragonshield

Colour: Black

3D contoured neoprene interior
Double power leash ring
Spreader down system ĎWaistí
Kinetic back support
Relax edge technology
Small spreader protector
Battle belt waist closure
Triple padding construction
Internal force frame
Non-slip print
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