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2010 ABoards Glider

If you are a heavier rider or just want to kite and have fun instead of standing on the Beach watching others ride on this board. Just get one and kite in lighter winds than you ever have before.

GLIDER 2010-11 is heavily improved board from compared to last year.

It has become a dedicated 3D board for light wind conditions and for teaching in kiteschools to allow fast progression with a bigger and wider board.

The Glider has balanced flex. Composite core, special anti-scratch cover and ABS bumper rails ensure maximum strength and durability at reasonable weight..

The New GLIDER features strengthened central part of the board for excellent upwind and edge control and various flex level tips. Its outline is specifically designed for light wind conditions. Extra width is added to the board to ensure early planning.
 Aboards Glider Top - Zoom In
Aboards Glider Top - Zoom In
 Aboards Glider Bottom - Zoom In
Aboards Glider Bottom - Zoom In
 Aboards Glider Jumping
Aboards Glider Jumping
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Feeride/freestyle riding

clight wind / school board
Extra width for stability and early planning
3D flexible top deck
Tunnel concave bottom deck
Light wind specific outline
Composite core for maximized strength and light weight
Bi-directional flex tips with Upwinders - extended outline at tips
Glossy top sheet finishing
Snowboard base technology bottom ___sheet
Durable anti-scratch cover
ABS bumper rails
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Aboards Glider
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