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2011 ABoards X-series

X-series is the highest performance 3D top and 3D bottom technology board for those freestyle/wakestyle riders who do most of their ripping with kite.

For 2012, the X Series rocker as well as outline has been adapted even more to satisfy freestyle/wakestyle riders. The board's rocker ensures perfect balance for great pop and upwind ability so that you donít waste precious water time and energy getting back upwind after landing down wind doing your favorite tricks. The boards outline ensures fantastic maneuverability and chance to change riding direction at high speed. The X-series also features an innovative 3D bottom technology with hydrodynamic stabilizer strakes that provide extra stability and board control when riding at full power.

2012 X-series has obtained more flex to allow you feel comfortable also on chop and hard landings. The board has specially widened stance position and bunch of extra inserts for each foot to accommodate most binding types of leading producers. X-series has specially enforced combined core and is manufactured with snowboard technology making it light weight, super strong and durable. Boards geometry and core are specially fine-tuned for hardcore riding.
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Riding features of X-series:

- Kite oriented wakestyle/freestyle riding
- Combination of great pop and upwind ability
- Outline for maneuverability at high speeds
- Extra widened stance
- Compatibility with kite wake and wakeboard binding

Technology features of X-series:

- 3D bottom with hydrodynamic stabilizers for greater
__control and stability
- Combined core with integrated anti-stress stringers
- Rocker and geometry customized for powered moves
__and pop
- 3D top deck with 3-stage flex zones
- Multidirectional flex tips
- Tunnel concave bottom deck
- ABS bumper rails
- Glossy top sheet finishing
- Snowboard base technology bottom sheet
- Durable anti-scratch cover
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2012 Aboards X-Series
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2012 Aboards X Series Top
2012 Aboards X Series Top
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2012 Aboards X Series Bottom
2012 Aboards X Series
2012 Aboards X Series
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