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Spotz Tuna 58cm 61cm Lightwind. Amazing New Prices! For such High Quality! 100% Carbon Fibre
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Spotz Tuna Now with a Fantastic Price for the Optimal Hydrofoiling Experiencience with the New 60cm Lightwind Hydrofoil Wing!
Foil 3 Spotz Tuna

After many months of development and testing, Spotz is proud to present its new foil 2016: the Tuna.

Here are the main features:
- Mounting and dismantling easier
- Stiffness and strength journals upward
- A gliding always as pleasant, both acceleration and speed
- Improved accessibility and control

The foil consists of a mast, a front wing / fuselage and a rear stabilizer. Screws supplied when buying a foil.
Here is our Kitesurf board dedicated to the foil. It has been optimized to meet the specific needs of kitefoil: a shape comptact limit wind resistance, and a generous volume provides assistance for the start in light winds and learning transitions. His soft rails remain neutral during the engaged edge outlets and they reduce the grip of the board in the water. In summary, a soft, neutral board, to the delight of competitors and freeriders.

Dimensions: 150 * 50 cm
Volume: 34L

* Carbon fibers
* White paint, black pads
* 3 foot straps included
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Our mounting system
On our 2016 model, the "Tuna", the front wing is attached to the fuselage. The mast is housed therein via a conical housing, secured by two screws. The set is easy to carry, easy to assemble and dismantle at will, perfectly rigid and very durable.
For the stabilizer, we kept the shank fixation system stabilizer in the fuselage (Patent No. XXX February 2014), and the incidence of adjustment.
Mast mounting on the board: the choice of housing tuttle
Since 2010, Spotz foils are available with a mast mounting system on the board for housing "Tuttle". This choice was made because the tuttle at the time represented the only effective globally available standard housing.
For 2016, in addition to the Tuttle we keep, we are about to offer our foils in option with housings "Probox" and "KF Box".

Stabilizer setting: biting or nose-up?
Let the basics: commes on conventional aircraft, our foils are provided with a front wing, which creates lift and push up for flight. At the rear is the stabilizer, which keeps control. This pushes down and makes the foil upward pitching, that is to say that the nose of the board has always tend to want to go up. Depending on your feelings, you can make the foil more or less upward pitching. For this, the angle of incidence of the stabilizer is adjustable.
- equipment :
The stabilizer comprises three screws: a horizontal (in which the fixed body and serves as a pivot) and two vertical (positioned one up and one down, maintaining the angle of the stabilizer and being supported on the inside the fuselage).
When the stabilizer is fixed in the body, these two screws must be screwed so that the flat end comes into contact with the interior of the fuselage. An interesting reference position is to have the two screws each exceed all of the stabilizer of the stud.
Hydrofoil, at foil, is a marine wing. Like the wing of an airplane, a hydrofoil under a boat (kite, windsurfing ...) creates lift when moving, and take off. The hull is then no longer in contact with water, friction decreases, and the machine can thus reach speeds and performance in ascent and descent wind often much higher than models without foil.
Moreover, and this is the point that interests the greatest number, a foil mounted on a plance sailing or Kitesurf board offers new sensations, and dramatically increases hardware utilization range.
- adjustment :
The foil should be less nose-up:
1. Loosen the set screw of the stabilizer accessible from underneath (a tour to begin, for exemple)
2. Turn the screw of the stabilizer accessible from the top, until it returns in contact with the inside of the fuselage, and will test this setting ...
MY FOIL IS NOT ENOUGH nose-up, DO ME OUT ENOUGH WATER, MY REAR LEG IS SOUGHT (the foil is often unstable in this case).
The foil should be more pitch-up:
1. Unscrew the screw of the stabilizer accessible from above, from one turn to start
2. Turn the screw of the stabilizer accessible from underneath until it comes back into contact with the inside of the fuselage, and will test this setting ...
Depending on your feelings, you can fine-tune the effects of the stabilizer, continuing in the chosen setting, or coming back. Know that a 1/2 turn adjustment screw on these will be noticeable.

Happy surfing!
Boards: 150cm x 50cm White - Red - Or Blue
Hydrofoil WIngs: 58cm Wing or 60cm Lightwind
Spotz TUNA Hydrofoil Lightwind
Now out! We are so happy to have this 2nd wing option for learning and for Lighter winds!! 60cm of Power!
Imagine Kiting in as little as 4 Knots of wind and or juts riding upwind faster and easier to learn how to foil.
Spotz is a Hydrofoil you'll never out grow.
Have a Look at a couple of my Sessions on the Spotz Hydrofoil
For Cruising, Freestlyle and Jumping!

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