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PBK Hip Pads - Click to Enlarge
PBK Hip Pads - Click to Enlarge
PBK Landboarding Snowkiting Hip Pads, Butt Protection Pads

These pads can really save you some pain. Where them as a beginner or as an advanced Kiter that wants to push the limits doing tricks without getting hurt as much.

Use the Hip Pads for Snowboarding, Kite Snowboarding, Kite Skiing, Landboarding, Mountain Biking and other Extreme Sports.

Approximate Sizing:

X Small: 24-28 inch waist
Small: 29-34 inch waist
Med: 35-39 inch waist
Large: 40-44 inch waist
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PBK MBS Pad Kit - Click to Enlarge
PBK MBS Pad Kit - Click to Enlarge
PBK Landboarding Snowkiting Tri Pack Set. Knee Pads, Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards

If you are just learning how to Snowkite with a Kite Snowboard Like The Aboards Kite Snowboard or taking PBK Snowkiting Lessons, consider getting this set to make your Snowkiting or Landboarding Sessions more fun. Pads can increase your safety.

Includes 2 Knee Pads, 2 Elbow Pads and 2 Wrist Guards. Comfortable, durable and affordable!  The MBS Core Pads are aimed at beginners and intermediate riders that want a good a pad at a great price, and with a little extra style thanks to this year's new pad graphics.  Your body will thank you for it!

- Durable 600 Denier Nylon outer skin.
- Comfortable 9, 13 & 18mm EVA Foam padding
- High-impact PP protective shells and splint
- Adjustable velcro straps
- Open back knee pad design allows you to put pads on without taking off shoes.

Approximate Sizing:
4' 6" or under = XS
4' 6" - 5' = S
5' - 5'6" = M
5'7" - 6' = L
6'+ = XL
PBK MBS Helmet - Click to Enlarge
PBK MBS Helmet - Click to Enlarge
PBK MBS Helmet

Comfortable, durable and affordable - this gear, like all MBS products, are made with quality materials and attention to detail.

- High-density, impact resistant ABS outer shell
- Shock absorbing , thick EPS liner
- Adjustable chin strap
- Strategically positioned air vents
- 2 sized liners for optimum fit
- CPSC certified
- MBS tribal graphics
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For Snowkiting or Landboarding
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