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2012 ABoards Z-Series

Z-series is a high quality and prime choice for those preferring mix of freestyle and freeride. Because of its 3D bottom, softer flex and outline shape the board will be more forgiving at landings and well-controllable during riding also for more laid-back and non-professional riders kiting hooked-in or unhooked.

Also Z-series features innovative 3D bottom technology with hydrodynamic stabilizer strakes to provide extra stability and board control when riding at full power.
 Z-Series Bot
Z-Series Bot
 Z-Series Main
Z-Series Main
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Feeride/freestyle riding

- Riding features of Z-series:
- Freeride/freestyle riding
- Forgiving landings and good control also for
___Beginner to Advanced Riders
- Softer flex & balanced pop
- Easy on the Knees
- Great upwind!
2012 Aboards Z-Series
Comes with Atmosphere Pads

Shown with Optional Anatomic Foot Pads

Technology features of Z-series:

3D bottom with hydrodynamic stabilizers for greater
___control and stability
- Light wood core with integrated anti-stress stringers
- Outline and geometry for combination of pop, easy
___landings and upwind
- 3D top deck with 3-stage flex zones
- Multidirectional flex tips
- Tunnel concave bottom deck
- Anti-spray cuts
- 2 step upwinders - extended outline tips
- ABS bumper rails
- Glossy top sheet finishing
- Snowboard base technology bottom sheet
- Durable anti-scratch top&base cover
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