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Ozone Ignition Kiteboarding Trainer Kites - Snowkiting The Best Value 3 Line Trainer Kite! Full Safety!

- Bag
- Bar
- Lines
- Safety Leash
Ozone Igintion Kiteboarding Trainer Kites - Snowkitng Landboarding
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Complete Items:
All Ozone Kites!
Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. *Colour-coded for safety and ease of use and they show up on snow as well for Snowkiting setup.
Ozone Kite:
Factory Folded with Bridals.
Ozone Control Bar:
3-Line control bar with safety system, trim adjustment and quick release chickenloop. Complete with EVA covered 3D grip with easy to identify colours for left or right side and single webbing safety wrist leash with release handle connected to rear lines for easy and effective stall system. Loop like the larger Ozone Instincts.
Ozone Manual:
Detailed Graphics and Instruction Booklet with Ozone stickers, key chain, fabric patches.
Ozone Kite Storage Bag: Strong and Light. Perfect for carriing and traveling with. Includs a Draw String Closure.
Ign_1.6    $245
_2.0    SOLD
_2.5    SOLD
Ign_3.0    SOLD
Ozone Ignition 3 Line Trainers for a great price.

- The Best Value.
- 3 Colored Lines Safety!
- Great for Kids. Small Sizes
4 Replacement Lines for Imp or Flow and other 3 or 4 line Kites.
Ozone Ignition. The Best 3 Line Trainers, Snow and Land Kites you can get:

- Better performance, Ozone Paragliding background and they onw their own factory, quality control
- Mesh over front vent (Cleaner leading edge, helps keep sand and snow out)
- Colored lines instead of white, show up on snow better
- Stronger lines, lasts longer, harder to break
- 3 lines, the 3rd line is for safety flag out and to also help relaunch the kite
- Comes with a safety wrist leash, allows you to let go of the bar in a gust and activated the safety attached  
___to the 3rd line and depowers the kite.
- Color coded bar, red left, blue right.
- Retractable bungee at bar ends to hold line wrapped up on bar.

2012 Ozone Imp Kiteboarding Trainer Kites PBKiteboarding.com 2012 Ozone Imp Kiteboarding Trainer Kites PBKiteboarding.com 2012 Ozone Imp Kiteboarding Trainer Kites PBKiteboarding.com
Ozone Ignition KiteboardingTrainer Snowkiting Kites Kiteboarding Trainer Kites Snowkites
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Ozone Ignition KiteboardingTrainer Colors Snowkiting Kites Kiteboarding Trainer Kites Snowkites
The IGNITION Kiteboard Trainer Kite is the ultimate kite to enter the sport of kiting safely. It is available in 1.6m, 2m, 2.5m and 3m sizes.

Designed to bring out the kiter within everyone, the IGNITION trainer kite is responsive, smooth and stable with enough power to ensure you’ll be ready to progress safely and with ease.

The unique 3-line Safety System with Safety Leash guarantees safe, easy re-launch and gives you the ability to land the trainer kite by yourself. If you feel too much power or are ever unsure all you have to do is let go of the bar, and the IGNITION trainer will land automatically and wait for you until you re-launch it again.

We recommend the 2m or 2.5 m for the best balance of performance and power - go smaller in high wind locations and choose a bigger size in light wind areas.

Whatever your age or kiting ambitions, Ozone’s IGNITION Kiteboard Trainer is the perfect power kite to get you started in the most exciting new sport on the planet. Children should use the 1.6m size and in winds less than 10mph and always be
Ozone Ignition KiteboardingTrainer Snowkiting Kites Kiteboarding Trainer Kites Snowkites
Ozone Ignition KiteboardingTrainer Snowkiting Kites Kiteboarding Trainer Kites Snowkites
Package Contents
IGNITION 3-line kite
Control Bar with Safety Leash
18m 100kg flying lines for 1.6m/2m
18m 200kg flying lines for 2.5m/3m
75kg Safety line
Kite Bag
Manual & Stickers
Span     Square Meters
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