Flyboards Flyrace

Flyboards Flyrace Kiteboard | Canada | USA


170cm x 48cm

Very Rare Board. Used in Excellent Condition!

Flyboards Flyrace Kiteboarding Kiteboard is more than a Raceboard. The Flyrace can be used as your lightest wind board to help get you off the beach and onto the water when you were not able to ride before. Tap into the beautiful lighter wind days with the Flyboards Flyrace. Weve found that this board will create more apparent wind than any other twin tip.

"I was surprised how much better the Flyrace went upwind better than my other lightwind board. It feels like I'm going upwind and Extra 15-22deg without even trying and I don't even have to edge it!" PBK Helped me get going with Special Flyrace Lessons.
- Mark
Flyboards Flyrace
Need A Board Bag for the Flyrace?
See the PBK Custom Bag Here.
PBK Custom Bag 180cm x 50cm
VERY SPECIAL KITEBOARD Flyrace Kiteboard for Lighter winds, heavier riders and going upwind and Jumping!
- You can use a Kite 4m-6m Smaller and get the same power.
- Or Get more power in Lighter winds and even Jump in Lighter Winds
- When you can't stay upwind if with your light wind twin tip. This board allows you to in same wind
- Retractable fin allow you to stay on the same kite when wind picts up (Like Depower the Board)
- Retracts for shallow areas when needed
- Use with Inflatable Kites or Foil Kites

Super Light Winds Video

Very Lightwinds:
Flyboards Flyrace
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