Fone Strike v3 CWC
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Fone Strike v3 CWC
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Join the Fun of Wingfoiling & Wingsurfing in Canada!
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Introducing the STRIKE CWC V3, your ultimate companion for conquering the winds in Canada's wingsurfing and wingfoiling scene. Engineered for optimal performance in light winds, this three-strut wing, featuring our patented design, has become the go-to choice since its debut. The STRIKE CWC V3 is the preferred wing for enthusiasts across Canada, dominating both wingsurfing and wingfoiling landscapes.

Compact, lightweight, and exceptionally user-friendly, this wing boasts a revolutionary design incorporating F-ONE's latest technologies and premium materials. Elevate your wingsurfing and wingfoiling experiences, confidently showcasing your skills on any light wind day. Our STRIKE CWC V3 is meticulously crafted to excel in the unique conditions of Canada's waters.

In Toronto, the STRIKE CWC V3 takes center stage, making it the ideal choice for wingfoiling in this vibrant city. Whether you're navigating the waters for wingsurfing or wingfoiling adventures, our product ensures a seamless and exhilarating experience. Trust in PBK and, your trusted partners, to provide you with the pinnacle of wingsurfing and wingfoiling technology in Canada. Elevate your aquatic adventures with the STRIKE CWC V3, your key to unmatched performance and excitement on the water.


To further improve and optimize the rider’s control of the wing, we have rigidified our handles while keeping our original, lighter construction that doesn’t include any hard parts that could damage your wing, ding your board, or hit yourself. Our grippy, ergonomic and comfortable handles allow for some flexibility so your wrist is always in line with your arm.

This also gave us the opportunity to design the strut just as we liked. The front of it goes down straight away on your front hand before going up into the wing’s profile near your back hand. This leads to a more natural position to sheet in.


The pending patent : Compact Wing Concept is an F-ONE innovation. This new design offers a compact shape, easy to handle and offers amazing light wind riding sensations without compromises.


This unique Wing geometry with its two additional struts allows adding more surface into a given wingspan.

Original staggered seams have been implemented on critical parts of the kites. The seam’s tension line is broken offering a perfectly leveled canopy profile when the kite is fully powered.

The fabric is orientated towards tension. The perfectly even canopy profile brings a sensational stability without feeling disturbances in the bar.


The HT80 is a woven double ripstop high tenacity polyester that brings increased stability and allows a better control of the profile of the kite or the wing.

This material guarantees great resistance to elongation and tears, as well as increased durability overtime.
Fone Strike v3 CWC
Wingfoiling and Wingsurfing!
Fone Strike v3 CWC
For this CWC V3, we have worked on three areas: the materials, the placement of these materials and the design to improve performance and durability.

The leading edge and central strut of the STRIKE CWC V3 are made of HITEX 158g and 178g. This brand-new high tenacity polyester exclusive to F-ONE offers great resistance to elongation and therefore greater durability and performances.

The central strut is thinner in diameter thanks to the HITEX 158g and its independent valve that allows for a better control of its pressure. Its longitudinal reinforcements help command its shape and resistance.

The two central segments of the leading edge on each side of the strut are made of HITEX 178g, while the remaining segments are in 158g. Both materials are perfectly distributed to account for the different tensions, high pressures, and weight distribution in this area.

Since the beginning, we have also kept a thin leading edge diameter at the wingtips, bringing agility, comfort and glide, but also lightness and less inertia.

Finally, the CWC V3 features our new NANO canopy. This innovative micro ripstop polyester in 55g is used on the entire canopy of the wing. It benefits from a NANO coating and a Plasma treatment process that brings an increased rigidity, resistance to elongation and tears, and durability. With optimized materials and design, this wing remains light and comfortable.


Through Sail Engineering, we have conceived a completely new design; everything has been precisely thought-out to adapt the wing’s shape to the tensions and new materials.

Every panel on the CWC V3 is precisely laid to carry a specific load. The front of the wing combines horizontal panels separated by a vertical seam from the innovative radial center panels, which are mapped to accurately follow every load trajectory. The trailing edge is controlled by a vertical panel. Small radial cuts are also implemented on the wingtips and on the back of the strut to spread tensions. Aligning the fibre exactly along the load paths means that stretch can be controlled to a never-before-seen level on a wing.

Thanks to this precise load management, the wind range of the STRIKE CWC is extended and the range of wind strengths where the wing feels perfect is greater than ever before.

With our staggered seams, the fabric and its seams work better to keep a smooth and efficient profile and the flying shape of the wing never deforms under load. The control of the profile is ideal and its stability is excellent, allowing everyone to ride fully balanced on both arms and in total comfort.

The new trailing edge tensions and radial cuts have brought incredible performance and control. Located on the back of the strut, our innovative Load Diffuser made of overlapping panels of hard Mylar and Dacron further helps maintaining the profile sleek and efficient, leading to the ultimate stability, performances, and longevity.

Every reinforcement on this wing has been reviewed to ensure durability and to save weight.


Light wind riding has never been so effective. Our Compact Wing Concept (CWC) patent allows adding more surface into a given wingspan without compromising lightness and performances. The two extra struts increase the wing’s surface without increasing the leading edge’s length and diameter.

This specific geometry brings great power with ease of use and therefore a light feel with less wingspan. The compact outline makes it easy to obtain an incredible start when planing and pumping. Highly maneuverable and easy to flip around when on the water, the CWC V3 lets you ride effortlessly, making you feel like you’re using a 5m², and with wingtips naturally staying away from the surface of the water.

Finally, the already impressive high range of this wing has been improved so you can absorb the gusts if the wind picks up.

The STRIKE CWC V3 is available in four sizes, ranging from 6 to 9m². With this design perfectly adapted to bigger surfaces, we have added the 9m² to the range this year. This size will allow riders of a bigger stature to make the most out of their light wind sessions.

Strut your stuff with the STRIKE CWC V3, a complete game changer for your light wind days.
Fone Strike v3 CWC
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