Lessons, Toronto Ontario Canada. Cherry Beach and Woodbine Beach
PBKw1 Beach Lesson. See the Video of a Student Learning. Call me 416-462-3791 Paul to book a Lesson and for more info. PBK can plan out everything, from Sales to Lessons and Repairs all in one place. Shipping to Canada and USA. Coaching over the phone as well if needed.

Wing Surfing Wing Foilingis a relatively new sport in Canada.

** Important! Only buy Wing Surfing gear from a Shop where the "OWNER actually does the sport and understands it well. Avoid places that are just trying to "sell". Always speak directly to the owner and ask the questions shown on my home page. I used to teach Windsurfing and I have been teaching Kiteboarding since 2004 and now Wing Surfing as well. Experience and knowledge is very import to have in order to properly help my Customers so they don't give up. See me, PBK Paul doing Wing Surfing here in Toronto. Cherry Beach and Woodbine below after my Students Video.
PBK is Toronto's Only Fulltime One Stop Kite and Wing Specific Shop Since 2004. Very rare. Many more Videos to show my skill here on Youtube.

This is a fantastic sport. However, like Kiteboarding in some ways. It has a learning curve. That's is why I make time to teach the 1st PBKw1 "Beach Lesson" to anyone who would like to try out the wing on the beach and learn more. This is a great time to find out what it's all about.

Again, best suggestion is to "only" buy gear from an experienced rider-owner. Always ask where and how often the sales person does this sport. Buy from reputable owner-dealers who will teach you how to use your gear and support you after sales with repairs as well. Avoid any place that says it's easy, or sends you elsewhere for support. They are most likely just trying to get a sale. There is a reason kites and wings should not be sold a a Bike or snowboard shop and are not sold in Walmart ;) or sporting goods stores. Both Kiteboarding and Wingfoiling are "Specialty Sports" in many ways like Skydiving, Paragliding and Hangliding. PBK Specializes.

Many times simply searching for the right info online can be time consuming and confusing. There is nothing like one on one feed back. Directly assessing your situation. See the PBK Pro Advice Page for personal help if needed.
PBK Student taking PBKw1. Contact for info about PBKw2 and PBKw3. Learn the right way from the start.
PBK Paul Right in Toronto Harbour City View
PBK Paul at Woodbine Beach Totonto
See me, PBK Paul actually Wingfoiling, Wing Surfing in Toronto Ontario at Cherry Beach and Woodbine Beach Call for PBK w1 Beach Lesson Info 416-462-3791 More PBK videos here.

At Cherry Beach
PBK Paul, Beautiful evening at Cherry Beach
PBK Paul At Woodbine Beach
PBK Paul Woodbine Beach on the Snow