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Ozone Control Bar
The new control bar is clean and very tidy with an ultra-smooth, incredibly easy-to-use trimming system. A new through-the-bar flag out safety system has been introduced, which combined with Ozone's excellent moulded chicken-loop, gives the rider an unmatched control system.
Ozone Control Bar

- Ergonomic bigger spinning handle - no more tangled power lines

- One handed effortless & intuitive re-load for the D-Power-Loop

- Large smooth release handle - easy to locate
- Below bar safety system allows the bar to spin without twisting up your   leash

- Expert Leash attachment ring on Molded D-Power-loop for Experts to --leash to for tangle-free un-hooked riding

- Innovative high grade stainless Power Bracket, allowing for flawless flag-out safety system
- D-Power trim strap which gives each kite a constant feel and direct   handling throughout the trim range

-Wide Mouth - D-Power Loop - Super easy for hooking in and out

- Bar insert - For effortless unhooked re-loading
-Swiveling D-Power Loop lock in finger - Easy to move out the way when riding unhooked
Back Line Trimmers

- Marked by White Stitching to show the Factory Setting

- Use to Adjust the bar if one line stretches more than the other and the bar is not even.

- Use to add More+ Power or Less -
When the #2 trim is not enough.
Front Line Trimmer - Cleat
- Use to depower the kite when the wind
Picks up or for less Power.

If you feel like you have to much Power
Pull the red Balls donw and let the line lock back into the cleat. Now your kite is Tilted more forward allowing more Air and Gusts to go out through the back of the Kite.
Less Power
Pull Down
More Power
Let Out
Less Power
Let Out
More Power
Pull Down
Front Line Depower Safety
- See how the Front Line Safety Kills the Kites Power.
The below the bar Ozone Front Line Safety Allows Kiters to freely spin the bar. Beginners may not do it much to start but you'll soon appreciate spinning the bar and all it's benefits without having a leash wrapping around the bar like on some systems.
Ozone Floats
Keeps the Bar Afloat

When you let go of the Bar or Have to do Self Rescue

The Floats also help prevent the Lines from Rubbing against you hand-skin
Ozone Bar Diagram
See Below 1-2-3-4
For More Details...

Info on Kite Flying Lessons including Self Rescue Techniques, See:

PBK 2 Pro Kiteboarding Lessons
Front Line Depower Safety
You'll need to spin the bar, for example when you fall and your body gets spun around. The Lines will then be twisted (Crossed) and it's a good idea to untwist them at some point.

Your lines can also Twist when the Kite Loops around. Sometimes when you least expect it to
More Power +
Let Out
- Makes Front Lines Longer
Less Power -
Pull in - Down
- Makes Front Lines Shorter
Kite Tilts Forward
Kite Tilts Back
More Power +
Pull Down
- Makes Back Lines Shorter
Less Power -
Let Out
- Makes back Lines longer
Kite Tilts Forward
Kite Tilts Back
Move Mouse over Arrows to see the Kite Tilt
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