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The total development of the SPEED 3 took almost two years to complete and also brings a completely new innovation in kite design. The PSYCHO4 with its revolutionary Triple DepowerTechnology combines 3 characteristics to maximize the depower effect:
The angle of attack changes
The projected size of the kite changes
The airfoil camber changes
PBK Paul on the Speed 3 12m Deluxe Edition
18 Month Development

After an 18-month-long development period, the introduction of new construction software, endless overtime, more than triple the amount of test time on spots all over the globe, as well as expanding our development team with Andreas Hanrieder, FLYSURFER has once again succeeded in raising the bar of high-performance kites, with the SPEED3.
The development team surrounding Armin Harich has touched all bases with the  SPEED3. Depower, agility and stability have all been massively improved. Other details and internal structures have been further optimised.

Characteristics & Safety

Oldschool, Racing, Big Air or lightwind cruising - the SPEED3 sets new standards and redefines "performance" and fun in all wind conditions.
The SPEED3 continues to emerge from the pack with legendary and unrivaled lightwind performance. Bar feeling is very direct, smooth and precise like no other kite in this class. Hangtime and butter-soft landings are unparalleled. It has never been this easy to land and learn new tricks, regardless of the wind conditions. Racers will also appreciate the improved windrange and increased upwind performance.extreme pop!
Stability has also grown to a level previously unattainable level in this class, especially in strong, gusty winds. Thanks to the further refined Triple Depower System, the resulting windrange is simply unbelievable, with no compromise in safety.
The blowout function (flag-out safety) demanded a complete redesign, in order to cover the larger wind range. The tapered leading edge now permits excellent blowout of the SPEED3 on the FLS Safety with only 4 lines, with even better relaunch capabilities.
Other features at a glance:

Shortened, colored and covered bridle lines for even easier handling and almost no tangles.
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SPEED3 - the Ultimate Flying Machine

For two entire years, the SPEED2 represented a true benchmark in lightwind performance and hangtime. Topping a milestone is no easy task - however, we made it happen in the SPEED3!
Speed 3 12m 15m 19m
Speed 3 12m 15m 19m
Performance redefined

Never before has a kite been the measure of lightwind performance and hangtime for two years in a row. Making it even more difficult to improve upon!
No more pulleys at the kite = less abrasion/wear
Trimming the kite has become super simple thanks to the new shorter mixer-setup

INFINITY BAR bag for clean and easy packing up and down
See PBK Paul 19m in 6-8 Knots
See PBK Paul on the 19m on a Super Light Day!
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