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Ozone Pump with Gauge

The Ozone Pump with Gauge some with Ozone Kites.
The Gauge makes pumping simple. Just watch the gauge and pump the same pressure everytime. The gauge also helps to avoid over pressure and blowing your Leading edge. Although PBK offers Pro Kite Repair should you ever need it.

The Ozone Pump is also Red in color which help you to keep your eye on it and not to forget it at the Beach.
Used Straps $35 Pair
Used Straps $30 Pair
Used Straps $50 Pair
NEW Pads & Straps
$140 Pair Any Angle
Used Pads $60 Pair
Used Pads $20 Pair
Used Pads $35 Pair
Was $15.95
PBK Stopper Ball!!

Stopper balls for Depower rope PU Tube are the easiest and most cost effective way to quickly adjust your centerline throw on the beach or on the water. The stopper ball can easily be adjusted by the thumb screw while ridding. Never have trouble with oversheeting or too long of a center line again. They can be used on any brand bar. Price includes one stopper ball. Some Kiters prefer one ball above the bar and one below the bar.
Mystic Hook Knife

Aluminum hook knife from Dakine with two stanless steel cutting blades. Includes the pocket that can be mounted anywhere on your harness or on your...
Pump Gauge

This Pump Gauge can be easily intalled on any Kite Pump. A Gauge can help take out the hassles of wondering and guessing if you kite is pumped up enough.
Just watch the level. As well, a Kite Gauge can help prevent Leading Edge Kite Blow Outs. Many kite blowouts are cause by over inflation.

At PBK we do Pro Kite Repairs in case you've ever had a blow out or kite damage.
New Here
NSI Proton Here
Pump Gauge
With Rubber Protection Bumber