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Flysurfer Flyrace Kiteboard Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Toronto

A few Repairs but work like NEW. (Rare to FInd)
VERY SPECIAL KITEBOARD for Lighter winds and going upwind and Jumping!
- You can use a Kite 4m-6m Smaller and get the same power.
- Or Get more power in Lighterwinds and even Jump in Lighter Winds
- When you can't stay upwind if with your lightwind twin tip. This board allows you to in same wind
- Retractable fin allow you to stay on the same kite when wind picts up (Like Depower the Board)
- Retracts for shallow areas when needed
- Use with Inflatable Kites or Foil Kites


Super Light Winds

Taaroa Sword 2 and Wings
Fantastic Sword 2
FULL Carbon Mast and Wings!
Pro Box
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Contact PBK
Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_002 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_004 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_005 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_007 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_001
Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_006.2 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_006.3 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_006.4 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_006.5 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_006.6
Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_006 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_007 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_008 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_009 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_010
Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_012 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_013 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_015 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_016 Lightwind_Big_Large_Kiteboard_Bag_Kiteboard_164x50_Kiteboard_Bag_PBKiteboarding.com_017
PBK Custom
Flyrace Bag.
Our Customers love this board so much they want to travel with it and keep it in top condition.

Get the PBK Custom Flyrace Board Bag.

- Enough room for
2 Boards, 3 Kites
- Foam Padded
- 600 Denier Nylon
- Double Zipper.
- Center Divider Pad
- Carry Handles

Optional Shoulder Strap
Flyrace the World!
180cm x 50cm
x 10cm
Fits Most Large Boards!
Optional PBK Custom Designed Flyrace Bag
You're set to travel with this Bag made especially for the Flyrace as Well as other Lightwind Boards.