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New Deals, Used, Demo and Consignment Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kites...! Used and Demo and Trade-In Kiteboarding and Snowkiting Gear... right here in TORONTO! For pick up... Canada, USA and Worlwide Shipping. Contact for any used Flysurfers not shown or other Gear that Customers may want to Trade In... Just Ask!
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New - Used - Demo Kiteboarding Bars and Lines...
Spectra Colored 23m 4 Line Set

Upgrade your old lines...

Colored lines make untangling and self rsecue easier for summer and better visibility on snow for snowkiting...

Orange Front Lines
Red Left
Blue Right
While Supplies Last!
Was $159.95
Ozone Foil Kite Trimmer - Enlarge
Ozone Foil Kite Trimmer - Enlarge
Was $95
Ozone Foil Kite Trimmer Replacement

Replacement Trimmer for 2005-2008 Ozone Kites and previous.

Can also be modified to work with the Ozone that didn't have a trimmer like the Access 2010.

<< Click to Enlarge
Ozone Flow 20m 4 Line Set

For any 4 line trainer or fixed line kite
including kite with handles

Replacement Line Set for the Ozone Flow Trainer Kites
2m-3m-4m-5m or any 4 Lines Kites.

Can also be used on the 3 Line Ozone Imp Trainer Kite. Keep the 4th line as a spare.

Colored to show up well on snow and easier to untangle if needed.