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New Deals, Used, Demo and Consignment Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kites...! Used and Demo and Trade-In Kiteboarding and Snowkiting Gear... right here in TORONTO! For pick up... Canada, USA and Worlwide Shipping. Contact for any used Flysurfers not shown or other Gear that Customers may want to Trade In... Just Ask!
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NEW & Used Snowkite Sale Brand New Design! Ask About 2013-14-15!
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Method   2.3   kite only  x 3
Method   3   kite only  x 4
Method   4   kite only  x 4
Method   5   kite only  x 4
Method   6.5  kite only  x 3

Octane 4  complete  with bar  4
Octane 5  complete  with bar  6

Access 4  complete  2014  3
Access 12  complete  2014  3

Frenzy   5    complete 2014   white/red/blue
Frenzy  13    complete 2014   white/red/blue
Frenz y  13   complete 2014   white/red/blue
Frenzy   13   complete 2014   white/red/yellow

Summit  15   complete 2014   yellow/red/white
Summit  15   complete 2014   yellow/red/white
Summit  15   complete 2014   blue/yellow/white
2013  Ozone  Frenzy  7m Blue
2013  Ozone  Frenzy  9m Yellow
2013  Ozone  Access  4m
2011  Ozone  Access  4m
2012  Ozone  Access  4m
2014  Ozone  Access  8m
2013  Ozone  Access  12m

2012 Used Ozone Frenzy 7m Ultralight
Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_001 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_002 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_003 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_004 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_005 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_006
Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_007 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_008 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_009 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_010 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_011 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_012
Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_013 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_014 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_015 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_016 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_017 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_018
Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_019 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_020 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_021 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_022 Snowkiting_Kiteskiing_Kiteboarding_Toronto_Ontario_Canada_USA_023
Snowkiting The Globe and Mail
Snowkiting The Globe and Mail
Action Shots PBK Paul on the Frenzy 7m
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