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2011 Ozone Frenzy FYX Snowkite! Ozone Frenzy 2011, The best! Canada USA
Snowkiting Kite & Land Kites. Highest Quality!
2011 Frenzy Canada USA FYX
Often Copied but never Beaten

Never better for 2011

Brand New Design!

- Inner Bag
- Outer Bag
- Bar
- Lines
- Safety Leash
2011 Ozone Frenzy FYX
For 2011 Ozone Frenzy everything has been improved. The Frenzy has been through a complete redesign, incorporating new technologies from Ozone’s world leading paraglider designs.

The new 2011 Ozone Frenzy incorporates a partially closed leading edge with mesh openings for ultimate performance, clean air intake and extra strength. A newly developed diagonal rib configuration helps optimize bridle line layout; this has enabled us to achieve a 28% reduction in line drag and a more direct feel.

The 2011 Frenzy's increased number of cells (and reduced cell width) allow more control of the upper and lower surfaces. More cells also help reduce the amount of billowing (ballooning) of the cells, resulting in cleaner surfaces and better overall performance.

The “Link” line is a new addition this year to the Frenzy. This line connects both sides of the Speed System together to maintain the correct distance between both sides of the kite. This “Link” line therefore controls the tension transmitted through the kite which aids stability.

These improvements add to the performance of the kite in all aspects; faster smoother direct handling, more power produced throughout the speed range, better stability and more de-power than ever before.

The Frenzy is constructed from top quality materials and features a double pulley speed-system, utilising the latest high spec Ronstan Orbit Block Series 20 pulleys. We have also added 3 unique “blow out valves” to the under surface to allow the internal volume of air to be released when the kite is crashed into the ground.

For 2011 the Frenzy, Access XT, and Manta M3 all fly with the same bar, the new Contact-Snow Control System..

Design Features Ozone Frenzy 2011 Snowkite Canada USA

- Double Pulley Speed System with new Ronstan Orbit Pulleys
- Direct and responsive handling
- Easy and controllable power
- Mega depower range
- Improved stability
- Improved landing characteristics
- Simple re-launch
- Partially closed cell leading edge for ultimate performance
- Mesh openings for clean air intake and extra strength
- Dirt-Outs in tips
- Diagonal Ribs
- Blow out valves
- Attachment tabs sewn deep into the reinforcement area of the rib
- Mylar edged tips
- 54cm Contact Snow Control System with the original Ozone
  Y-Line  design: 3 x 25m lines from bar splitting to 4 at kite (500 kg
  and 300kg coloured lines)
- Exceptional hand checked Ozone factory construction using the
  highest quality materials; Highest grade OzTex 40D and
  Edelrid sheathed bridal lines
- Ozone warranty and back-up service guaranteed

2011 Frenzy Blue
2011_Ozone_Access_Product_001_Canada_USA 2011_Ozone_Access_Product_003_Canada_USA 2011_Ozone_Access_Product_002_Canada_USA
2011_Ozone_Access_Product_006_Canada_USA 2011_Ozone_Access_Product_004_Canada_USA
Product Shots
Action Shots
2011_Ozone_Frenzy_FYX_Image_004_Canada_USA 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_FYX_Image_003_Canada_USA 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_FYX_Image_002_Canada_USA
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Ozone Kite Napsack Bag: Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack. Velcro bar holder and Shoulder Straps.
Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. *Colour-coded for safety and ease of use and they show up on snow as well for Snowkiting setup.
Ozone Kite:
Factory Folded with Bridals.
Ozone Control Bar:
4 Line Depower control bar with safety system, cleat adjustment trim and chickenloop with safety release. Also comes with Kite leash with safety.
Ozone Manual:
Detailed Graphics and Instruction Booklet with Ozone stickers, key chain, fabric patches.
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Ozone Team
PBK Paul Lead Instructor Kite Snowboarding Keswick
PBK Paul Lead Instructor Kite Snowboarding Toronto
PBK Paul Lead Instructor Kite Skiing Keswick
2011 Frenzy FYX Re-design and Designer Information

Ozone Frenzy 2011 from OZONE on Vimeo.

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Ozone Frenzy 2011 Snowkite Canada USA

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