Lahoma Winds | 2100 Hybrid Hydrofoil
Lahoma Winds | 2100 Hybrid Hydrofoil

Lahoma Winds | 2100 Hybrid Hydrofoil | Inflatable Wing | Wing Foiling Wind Surfing

SIZE 2100cm
Contact for other sizes.
Lahoma Winds | 2100 Hybrid Hydrofoil

Get the Lahoma 2100 or 1890 Hydrofoil for Wingfoiling in Canada! No Surprise fees! Contact for other sizes.

It's a new type of aluminum foil with an oversized front wing for better balance when surfing.

Composition: horizontal bar/vertical bar/front wing/rear wing/base
Effect:It works good with kiteboard, surfboard and kitewingboard
Front wing size: 109.2*24.6*6.9 (cm)
Rear wing size: 48.6*8.92*1.68 (cm)
MAST length: 60-90cm
Front wing, rear wing material: 3K carbon
Color: black
Rail rod: 90*12.5*1*5 (cm)
Packing: carton + aluminum foil bag
Packing size: 110*33*20 (cm)
Also have a look at the Lahoma WInds Wind Hawk Inflatable Board in Canada for use with your Dream Catcher Wing.

Wind Hawk Compact Design. Easy Travel
Lahoma Winds | Wing Hawk
1. Compact and convenient: This board hydrofoil can be deflated and stored in their carry bag. They can then be easily transported in the trunk of your vehicle, taken on an airplane, boat or RV.
Comes with a Pump and Leash. Many boards do not come with a leash and have to be purchased separately.
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