Snowkiting Lessons 

2 Separate PASA Certifications.

1 Kiteboarding.
2 Snowkiting.

The latest Extreme Sport in Canada and Ontario is Kiteboarding and Snowkiting. PBK is available to show you how it's done... Scroll down to read more....

PBK will focus on Safety First, while taking you through your Kiting experience, from understanding the weather, wind direction and Kite Control, to getting on the water or snow with customized lessons to suit your individual abilities.

Based in Downtown Toronto! 5 minutes from 2 of TO's Kite Beaches... Cherry Beach and Ashbridges Bay!
40min from Keswick...

Teaching Kiteboarding Snowkiting
See Maps! Snowkiting in Toronto as well PBKS1. Keswick & Barrie on Lake Simcoe! We also have
great selection of Gear..

PASA (Professional Air Sports Association) Specializing in Kiteboarding and Snowkiting (Beg to Adv, Boosting, Spins, Back Rolls, Front rolls... Kite Loops, Front roll Kite Loops, F-16's) ... 18 Years 2 line+ kite flying experience

Experienced Hanglider and Paramotor Pilot 15yrs high wind, racing, and Certified Boardsailing Instructor.
Experience that counts!
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Kiteboarding Lessons