2011 Ozone Snowkites
Best Snowkites!

Ozone Zephyr 17m
The Best Lightwind Inflatable Kite
Mystic Float Vest
Best Looking PFD Style Jacket for Kiteboarding
Seaspecs Sunglasses
The Best Sunglasses for Extreme Sports...
Ozone Edge
Best Overall Performance
Ozone Flow Trainers
Best Trainer 4 Colored lines with a Loop
Ozone Imp Trainers
Best Value Trainer 3 lines from $199.95
FS Speed 3 19m-21m
Best Lightwind Closed Cell Foils

Most Power!
Ozone Uno Trainers
Best 2.5m Inflatable Trainer
Aboards Glider 164
Best Boards - Learning & Lightwinds
Aboards Snowboards
Best Kite Snowboards
Aboards Kiteboards
Best Boards
OR Session 2
Best Harness with
with unique removable
Leg-straps (no Ride Up)