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Buy Kites Online Canada`s #1 One Stop Canadian Kite Store.
Buy your Kites in Canada. Canada's Best Web Store for Pick up or Worldwide Shipping. We have the Best Selection of Power Kites in Canada. We also back up our Customers 100% with Support, Pro Kite Repair & Lessons.
One Stop Online Kite Store with Kites from 1.5m to 21m Kites. Canada`s Best online Store with open cell kites to closed cell and Inflatable kites. Get Best Support and service from Real Kiters. See the  Movies Page and see us Kite.
Whether you just want to Kite in the park or field for fun. Or if you want to do Snowkiting, Kite Skiing or Kiteboarding. We have the Kite for you. All high Quality Kites that will last you for years.
ozone Ignition V2 Trainer Kite Canada USA
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Ozone Catalyst V2 Kite Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Canada USA
Alpha V1 Hydrofoiling Kite
Ozone Kites Canada has a great selection of Ozone Kiteboarding Kites including the Ozone Edge, Ozone Catalyst and Ozone C4. Ozone Kites come complete with the Contact Control bar front line safety system, which is the safest type of 4 line kite you can get. The Oozne Kites are made of Tejjin Fabric. The best you can get.
PBK Ozone Kites Canada has a great selection of Ozone Snowkiting and Kite Skiing Kites including the Ozone Imps and Flows, Ozone Access XT, Frenzy FYX and Manta M3. Ozone Kites come complete with the Contact Control bar, Lines and 40D Nylon canopy which is the best fabric for Cold Weather Kiting.
Ozone Snowkiting & Kite Skiing Kites Canada
Ozone Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kites Canada
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Ozone Factory. Quality! Ozone Kites with the highest quality fabrics and materials.
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