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The Ferrari of the kite world, it s the ultimate ride! The Edge is a race championship winner. The power and speed developed is out of this world. Just pull the bar in, edge hard and hang on. Before you know it, you ll be ripping at ultra high speeds, up or downwind. Boosting with the Edge is amazing, allowing you to get huge air and see the world from another perspective. Sending the nine metre in 25+ knots is awesome, exploding off the water, providing plenty of time and altitude. The kite is stable and predictable in the air and super smooth, inspiring confidence to go bigger and bigger and pull off engaging kite loops.


We won't repeat ourselves again as to the high quality nature of Ozone's product manufacturing and well-featured products, from kite to bar to bag. Instead we'll focus on the ride.

Down at the bar, put your thumb up for launch and as soon as the Edge leaves your launcher's hands there's a lovely positivity immediately apparent in the Edge. We had the kite in perfect nine metre weather, 20 - 28 knots, in which the kite feels tuned up and potent. As with all Ozone kites, you're not going to be building up any new muscles moving the Edge around, the power assisted steering has just enough feel and feedback through the bar but is definitely on the lighter side. Light, but very responsive and engaging. The bar sits beautifully at the mid-point of the throw, allowing you to sheet in for a nice surge in power, or sheet out in the gusts, allowing the Edge to be the gust muncher that it is. For hooked-in rally car performance it's hard to imagine it getting better than this. Direct and extremely nimble, this kite makes ocean blasting an effortless, comfortable joy.

The real grin maker is indeed the boost though. The height you get from a good boost on this is fantastic, steady and long lasting. Everything feels like its working in unison, tightly wound and tensioned. We've said before that you can feel Ozone's paragliding heritage in some of their kites; referring to them as 'kite fliers kites'. It pilots beautifully above your head and, although you do go high, there's a sense of calm as the kite carries you under its wing. The Edge really has that stunt kite quality to it. Send it, spin it, crash it and do it all again. 


If you're looking for a kite with really good unhooking qualities, then you might be better to look elsewhere. The Edge will unhook, allowing you to do some basic tricks, but it doesn't provide that tractor-like pull sitting back a little in the window. Instead the Edge is permanently on the hunt. Stable and obedient with an incredible climbing ability, it's like your well-trained sniffer dog in his prime on the trail of the good stuff.


A GTI for the sky.


For racing around the sea and seeing the world in 3D cartoon-like animation, we wouldn't change anything.


7m, 9m, 11m, 13m 15m, 17m
Ozone Edge 9m Review Canada USA
Ozone Edge 9m Review Canada USA
Ozone Edge 9m Review Canada USA
Ozone Edge 9m Review Canada USA
Ozone Edge 9m Review Canada USA