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Ozone C4 High End Kite. For Beginer to Pro Riding and Tricks.

5 Struts, Solid Canopy! Great for
2011 Ozone C4 Images
2011 Ozone C4 Images
2009 Video Teaser.. 2011 Videos to Come
The Ozone C4 2011 bridges the gap between flat kites and the classic C-shape kites offering a more “grunty” feel whilst having heaps of de-power and amazing water re-launch characteristics.

During the development process Ozone discovered that the C4 is an amazing all rounder. No question for free-stylers it rocks, great unhooked performance and nice pop. In the waves its outstanding, the c-shape gives fast handling and the depower gives you the chance to ride the wave without too much power coming from the kite unless you need it.

The usability of the C4 2011 makes it so easy to use that literally anyone can use it. If you think the C4 is too hard core for you, you might be wrong! This is a kite that anyone can use and have an awesome session on no matter where you ride or your level.

The main goal for the C4 2011 was to refine the kite as a whole, offering a better feel for riders who enjoy C-kites without compromising the ease and fun factor of the previous C4.

For 2011 Ozone introduce their new Variable Bridle Geometry system. Put simply, the 2011 C4 has two “feel” settings; one that’s similar to the previous C4, and another that has a more powered up and heavier feel making it perfect for freestylers. The system is simple, takes about 20 seconds to change and doesn’t involve adding or taking away any lines. The rider shifts the middle bridle lines up or down on pigtails to change the feel of the kite.

Combining C-kite characteristics like fast intuitive handling and unhooked performance with massive depower and back line relaunch, the C4 is an outstanding all round kite for all levels of freeride and wave riding.

Now with a new canopy profile designed for increased low end and parked power and improved catch during kiteloops, freestylers and wakestylers will also feel at home with the 2011 Ozone C4.

Unhooked riding is made simple due to the direct handling and easy to find pop. Hooked in, the kite gives you that blast off feeling as you bury the edge of your board and hang on as it rockets you skyward. A true Free Ride kite for the progressive rider.

A new plan form along with reshaping the leading edge and wing tips, all adding to a more powerful and faster turning kite. It still excels unhooked, still loves the gusts and keeps its huge ‘One Kite’ wind range.

The Ozone C4 has a progressive curve across the leading edge which is swept back. The Y bridle back line configuration ensures the power from the back lines is applied to the correct part of the tip during the turn to keep the power constant and direct. The turn is initiated at the bottom of the tip, creating a faster reaction time, then, as the kite moves through the turn, the power is smoothed out and comes from further up the tip until it reaches the top of the bridle. Again, No Pulleys in the kite = equals more DIRECT TIP STEERING and that good ole Ozone feel.

The Ozone C4 2011 comes with the “One-Pump” inflation system to maximize efficiency and get you on the water quicker. Simply pump air into the leading edge and the entire kite inflates together simultaneously.

The One-Pump system has clips to shut off pressure to individual struts, which is recommended to isolate each strut once inflated. Ozone has implanted neoprene covers over the clips and connection points to protect them during use and when packed away.

This simple yet effective device can be rolled back when using the clip and then replaced to guard it. Ozone is a License payee of the Patent approved One-pump system.

Sizes: 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 15m
Easy relaunch even in light gusty winds
Total yet smooth progressive depower -the experts preference
Huge lift and hang-time
4-Line safety system
Fast handling - Quick turning
Excels un-Hooked - no stall tendency
Huge wind-range >> Low end and High end
Upwind riding Performance - Points High into the wind
2011 Bar design with stainless steel insert and integrated flag out safety
New pump for 2011 with pressure meter
Bullet Proof Construction
Aerodynamic scuff pads on LE
“One-Pump” system with neoprene protection - The “new-school” freestylers choice

Who is this kite designed for: The Ozone C4 is a kite that seems to satisfy everyone from experts to beginners and kite surf schools. It enables beginners to ride upwind which allows the rider to seriously take up the sport with a kite that they will never have to change or upgrade as they improve their skills.

* A Harness is required to fly this kite - click for harnesses >>

* You can learn how-to setup and fly water relaunchable kites using the Kiteboarding Progression DVD - click for info >>
Main Sail - For the main body of the sail Ozone have used Tejin Nylon Rip-stop. Not the cheapest material option but by far the best material available in the industry.
LE and Struts - For the leading edge and struts we have chosen Dimension Polyant Dacron, also the leading Dacron manufacturer in the World. The structural part of a tube kite takes unbelievable amounts of stress and its imperative that a quality cloth is used otherwise the kites characteristics will change.

Bladders - Ozone use the leading PU material for their bladders and are meticulous with their production to ensure you have a bladder that will not fail during normal use. Ozone use the finest valve machine available to electrically join the valves to the leading edge and struts.
Flying Lines - New for all Ozone 2011 kites land and water is a new Dyneema line that is thinner and also stiffer due to a better coating technique. The thinner lines still retain the 300kg breaking strain so Ozone have gained performance thanks to less parasitic drag as the lines fly through the air. The stiffer lines are also a lot easier to handle and do not tangle easily making your rigging time hassle free.
Outlined below are some of the very important differences:

4-Line Pulleyless System
- simplicity reduces set up time and eliminates checking your lines twice. Pulley-less equals a more direct to kite feel and no parts to worry about getting jammed with sand or wearing out.
One pump system for easy set-up
New Variable Bridle Geometry; No.1 new school setting, No.2 freeride setting
New canopy profile designed for increased low end & parked power
New planform which helps relaunching and self launch
Explosive pop and hangtime
Smooth power delivery
Constant feel and direct responsive handling

Tip struts moved towards centre reducing sail flutter and increasing turning speed
Reinforced leading and trailing edge
Light weight aerodynamic leading edge scuff pads
Refined tip shape for precise, intuitive handling for faster turning providing a more constant pressure throughout the Depower range.

2 settings for handling with heavier bar pressure and slower handling and lighter bar pressure and faster handling respectively
Increased leading edge and strut volume for better floatation, relaunch and rigidity
New aerofoil sections designed to give more performance whilst reducing drag making the kite faster and smoother in the air

Unique bladder with double layer section in wear areas

Easy relaunch - just turn the bar

Total Depower - From Full Power to No Power
Predictable and easy handling
Huge wind-range >> Low end and High end
Points high into the wind
Easy to ride upwind 2011 Bar design with stainless steel insert and integrated flag out safety

Refined control system - below the bar 100% depower safety system allows the bar to spin without twisting up your leash.
Innovative high grade stainless Power Bracket, allowing for flawless flag-out safety system
Stopper Ball for flag out safety system
Exceptional build quality and attention to detail

Aerodynamic Leading edge scuff pads - therefore keeping weight off the leading edge which is very important for better performing kites
Narrow optimally designed diameter leading edge tube and struts - strong structure and less “parasitic drag” as kite cuts through the air.
Tip shaped for a faster turn and to also give a more constant pressure throughout the D-Power range.

Direct Line to Kite feel
- no pulleys in Kite or bar

2:1 depower trim strap which gives each model a constant feel from normal trim to full depower using the smooth clamcleat Trimmer Strap. 3-way rings made in highest grade 316 Stainless
New 2011 Stopper ball for the safety flag out line so that the bar does not shoot up the lines to far when emergency final safety release is activated. (span width of kite)

One Pump System
The Worlds finest material selection - no compromise, giving you peace of mind in buying into a quality manufactured product that will last.

Unique bladder construction with double layer sections in wear areas - no failures
Leading industry service and support, if you have a problem we will deal with it
The Ozone C4 is a dream to re-launch, just turn the bar fully to one side and the kite rolls over onto its tip. The rider can either re-launch immediately with the kite downwind and de-powered or allow the kite to work its way to the edge of the wind window, allowing for a stress free re-launch.

Continuous smooth radius wingtip perfected in shape to increase turning speed and aid re-launch yet perfected in size to ensure the kite is balanced to stop any stall possibilities.

2010 Designer Info
Complete Kite
- Inner Bag
- Outer Bag
- Bar
- Lines
- Safety Leash
- Pump
- Pump Gauge
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