Ozone Edge! High End Water Kite. Highest Quality Materials...
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Power Cruising
Boosting-Big Air!

The Edge Does it all. The Kite that gives you the power when you want it.
Pull in the bar in and GO!
- Call for Kite Only

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Ozone Kite Storage Bag: Waterproof canvas and tough construction backpack. Velcro bar holder.
Dyneema Flying Lines:
Pre-stretched flying lines for ultimate performance and lowest stretch. Colour-coded for safety and ease of use. "Y" Line center Line
Ozone Kite:
Factory Folded with SLE
Bridals, no Pulleys required.
Ozone Depower
Control Bar:

Depower control bar with safety system, cleat adjustment trim and loop with safety release. Also comes with Kite leash with safety.
Complete Items:
All Ozone Kites!
NOTE: The Ozone Edge is an Allround Dream Kite for all kinds of condition. The Edge has a very Stable Air Frame with 7 struts that makes this one solid kite! The Edge has a high projected area for tons of power per square meter.

The 2010 Edge also has had it's wingtips swept back for less drag which allows the kite to go even further to the edge of the Window.

Best upwind kite along with the Zephyr 17m Light Wind Machine "Big Brother"

The Do it all Kites, Highly recommended. Excellent quality!

Ozone Owns their own Factory which allows them to make the Best Kites you can Find.
Ozone Pump:
The Edge with a tall pump that also has pressure gauge that help you inflate you kite just right.
Ozone Manual:
Detailed Graphics and Instruction Booklet with Ozone stickers, key chain, fabric patches.

Ozone Edge 2010 from OZONE on Vimeo.

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Ozone Edge Logo
Ozone Edge Boosting
Ozone Edge Boosting
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Ozone Edge Ad
Ozone Edge Cruising
Ozone Edge Cruising
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Ozone Edge Race Winner
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2010 Ozone Edge 13m & the 2010 Aboards X-Series 137
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