Ozone C4! 2010 C4 High End Water Kite. Highest Quality Materials...
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2010 Ozone C4
True Hybrid C-Kite!
With SLE Depower

The C4 will provide you with lots of power and Speed, Especially on the turns.
Kite Only Call.

- Inner Bag
- Outer Bag
- Bar
- Lines
- Safety Leash
- Pump
- Pump Gauge
Complete Items:
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NOTE:  The Ozone C4 Is a kite for Beginners to Pro. If you plan to do Wakstyle tricks and unhooked trick in the future or are already a hard sore rider. The C4 is the Kite for you. The C4 is a Fast Turning kite that is also more forgiving than most other C Kites. The C4 is a true Hybrid C Kites with a suspended Leading Edge, (SLE). The SLE allows the C4 to Depower more than regular C kite that have the Line connections only at the Wing Tips.

Get on the C4 and let it Rock your World. The C4 come in every size you'd need.
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