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REAL Tests a Carafino Foil Board

The metal hydrofoil is required for "Hydrofoil Surfing" as it can withstand the underwater stresses associated with kinetic energy caused by moving swells. It is the "Under Water Swell Energy" that cause the "Stand Up Hydrofoil" to move carefree through the water.  "Hydrofoil Surfing is the apex of wave riding as known to date and referred to as "The
Sport of Kings".

The metal hydrofoil withstands the multi directional torsion affiliated with the sport of  "Hydrofoil Surfing".

The metal Hydrofoil was tested with the use of foot straps in the sport of "Hydrofoil Kitesurfing" in 2000.

The immediate results proved to be negative. The metal units where heavier and an unnecessary use of material. They also proved to be very dangerous when falling onto the hydrofoil at anytime.  Even simply kicking the metal hydrofoil unit when water starting with a kite proved to cause injury.

The Carbon Fiber Hydrofoils proved to be more responsive in the sport of "Hydrofoil Kitesurfing" and thus a safer use of material which benefitted the sport and the riders safety.

Since Carbon fiber and glass fiber composite are the materials most used in the marine and space age developments, Carafino has innovated the compositions of our product line with the use of these materials.

For peak performance hydrofoil riding and safety , Carafino factory warrantied products are designed and tested wtih high performance materials best suited for your watersport requirements.

The metal hydrofoil has existed more than 25 years. It was implemented into "Stand Up Hydrofoil Surfing" in the late 90 s. The construction of the hydrofoil was aluminum in material. The purpose of this construction was to prevent breakage under extreme pressures associated with high speed boat maneuvering, i.e. water sking.

The metal hydrofoil has been used by elite waterman for the purpose of riding open ocean swells into breaking waves. This futuristic method of riding waves has been created on the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The sport is known as "Hydrofoil Surfing" and a small handful of extreme big wave riders can be found surfing the outer reefs on many Hawaiian Islands these days.

The only safe method of using the metal hydrofoil is with the attachment of the rider to hydrofoil board by using "snowboarding clicker boots." The clicker device allowed the rider to quickly "lock" and "unlock" himself from the board at the attachment "lock points". The method of "QUICK RELEASE" is mandatory when surfing in large open water swells.

At times, the rider would have to remove the hydrofoil board, swim away from it and then swim under approaching breaking waves. If the board is attached to the rider, it is nearly impossible for the rider to quickly return to the surface.

The next wave approaching would roll, crest and break on top of the rider, thus extending the amount of time the rider remained underwater.

As a result of the calculated risk associated with "Futuristic Surfing" many hydrofoil riders reduce their risk factors by using a device known as "SPARE AIR". The small 30 breath air tanks allow the rider to stay in control of underwater situations when negotiating equipment and large open ocean surf.
You've seen them on video and in magazines, now its easy to give one a try. Foilboards are an exciting new way to kiteboard. Amazing upwind performance and effortless gliding over choppy water are just the start of your foilboarding sensation. The view from on top of the foil gives a whole new perspective, see the underwater blades and feel the surge of speed and power they deliver even in very light wind. Made from hi tech carbon fibre composites and finished to a brilliant standard the foilboards assemble in minutes and allow easy change of stance for goofy or natural sailing. The combination of super strong lightweight carbon and clever design is the secret why this board can be kited with footstraps.

The combination of super strong lightweight carbon and clever design is the secret why this board can be kited with footstraps. That in turn makes it a whole lot easier, safer and more practical. It is easy and reccomended to use bindings for surfing or towing with powercraft. Surfing on the foils is only advised once you are confident with both the surf and the foil. For kiting however its a very relaxing low impact sport. There are a range of colours available, and the post +foil structure is finished in beautiful polished carbon. You will be amazed at how strong and light this board feels. Every foilboard comes with a DVD and lifetime ltd warranty!, also you can browse our FAQ in this site. Demos and instruction can be arranged through M8 the 1st kiteboarders