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Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Deluxe! Water & Snow! High Canada USA Flysurfers Kiteboarding & Snowkiting Canada, High end Closed cell and open cell Foils - Select a Kite 'Click'
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Speed 3 21m
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After we were finally able to cover the demand for our very succesfull racing, light-wind and hangtime kite, the SPEED3 with our production, the development team used this extra slot of time to further expand the successful SPEED3 range, this may not come as a surprise to some, especially considering the tremendous amount of positive feedback we received on the light wind performance of the 19.0m.
Our R&D team, (Armin Harich & Andreas Hanrieder), acquired even more know-how while developing other new products, which opened up new possibilities. For them it was without doubt that this feedback and knowledge should also be integrated into the new Flysurfer SPEED3 21.0m DELUXE.
Flysurfer Speed 3 21m in Action!
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The 19.0m and new 21.0m Flysurfer SPEED3 DELUXE allow you to kiteboard in absolute light wind. And we are not talking about just cruising back and forth, but jumping, easily going upwind and giving you a feeling of powered riding, (hooked or un-hooked), when others are stilll sitting on the beach!

"The Flysurfer SPEED3 21.0m DELUXE has almost no backstall anymore - in addition, the performance has been significantly increased! You will not believe how agile and direct a 21.0m can be. The lateral forces are minimal, and the depower range is extreme. When it comes to hangtime, the Flysurfer SPEED3 still is in a league of its own, and landings remain smooth like butter!"... So far the promising statement on the 21.0m Flysurfer SPEED3 by Armin Harich (R&D).
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ABoards Gallery
New Graphics for 2011
2011 Aboards Glider 164x50
2011 Aboards Glider 164x50
 Aboards Glider Jumping
Aboards Glider Jumping
Get an Aboards Glider 164x50 $50 Off to Match your Lightwind 21m Speeds 3.

This SP3 21m will work best in super light winds with a Good Size Board that won't hold the Kite back and Fly Upwind!
A Video of a riding day that might not have been without the 21m Speed 3
Charles 12yr old on Speed 3 21m Video
Super Light Relaunch
Show the Low end... Kid Flying it
Show the Low end... Kid Flying it
Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Beautiful Snowkiting!
Why stay hone when you can enjoy a sweet Lightwind day with power on Flysurfer Speed 3 21m
Another Sweet Kitable Day.
Enjoy Kiteboarding more Days again.
When only Flysurfer will Fly!
Cruising 21m Front Line Cam!
Sweet 21m Flat water Session. Helmet Cam!
In Stock!
PBK Paul, Magic Kiting on Lake Ontario. Glassier than ever on a Lighwind Summer Day! Fantastic Session on the Speed 3 21m DE and Flyboards Flyrace 170x50 more than just a Raceboard. It keeps you upwind even lighter than any other twin tip board. As unique as the Speed 3 21m DE.
Jason on Spiritual Kiteboarding on the Speed 3 21m Deluxe and the FlyRace. Light summer winds are Fun! 
Woodbine Beach, Ashbridges Bay.
This water Launch shows how a group of Kiters get to ride when no one else can by Launch their Speed 3 21m directly from the water. Quite amazing!
Mind blowing Launching from a very tight spot. This show the amazing use of the 21m for that extra Sessions
Another very tight relaunch that show the true potential of the 21m Speed 3. Launching at the Max for another Great Session.
Flyboard Flyrace Kite Raceboard 170x50 Flyboard Flyrace Kite Raceboard 170x50 Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA
Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA
Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Flyboards Flyrace Lightwinds Canada USA
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PBK Paul Lead Instructor and Sales on his custom Red 21m Speed 3 and  FlyRace. Riding some Glass Flat Water.
Woodbine Beach, Ashbridges Bay.
New Flysurfer Speed 3 21m Deluxe CE Colored Edition
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- Why wait on the Beach in 10knts and under when you can kiteboard!
Limited Green and Black 21m Waves and Pop
Speed 3 21m Kiteboarding Cherry Beach Toronto Ontario Canada. View if the CN Tower!
As low as you can go....