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Sonic Race
7m to 21m
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So Far as we Know

Info to Come
Deluxe Edition
This is the New Flysurfer Virona. The Prices will come in time but may be similar to the Pulse 2 as a Replacement. More info to Come. To get this Kite if and when it's offered. it's best to Preorder/ Keep in touch Contact PBK
Flysurfer Unity, WOW!
Flysurfer Innovation Days
This is Exciting....! Pulse 2 Replacment Looking Great!
More info to Come...
Unity Sizes and price confirmation later.
Info to Come
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Looks Wild!
Flysurfer Innovation Days Italy
The Pulse 2 is still available for Customers till the Unity is ready. Still in Prototype.
Release Dates Below:

Come back to PBK and find out the latest info. Till then, see the NEW Flysurfer Viron for the latest from the Innovations Days and ready to Preorder. Prices soon.
Bookmark This page for future News, and Contact PBK to Preorder.
* VIRON kite - Available mid November 2010
Preorders Going on Now

* FLYRACE board - Available January 2011

* UNITY kite - Not earlier then February 2011 (With new
   Infinity 2.0 Bar)
Plan for it Now.. We'll see the final info soon..

* FLYBOARDS Range 2011 - From March/April 2011 onwards

Preorder the Viron Now... From PBK to help get one from the soonest batch! Contact PBK