2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m Kiteboarding Kite Canada USA
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This is the New Flysurfer Virona. The Prices will come in time but may be similar to the Pulse 2 as a Replacement. More info to Come. To get this Kite if and when it's offered. it's best to Preorder/ Keep in touch Contact PBK
2011 Flysurfer Unity, WOW!
Flysurfer Innovation Days
Unity Sizes and price confirmation later.
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Flysurfers Latest Invention!
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* UNITY kite -   In Stock! (With new Infinity 2.0 Bar)
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So much more info to come. Check back with PBK.
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2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m  Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kites Canada USA
FS Unity
2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m  Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kites Canada USA
2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m  Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Action Shots Kites Canada USA
2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m  Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Action Shots Kites Canada USA
FLysurfer Infinity Bar 2 Kiteboarding Bar Canada USA
2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m  Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Movies Video Kites Canada USA
Unity from PBK
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2011 Flysurfer Unity 6m 8m 10m 12m  Kiteboarding Kitesurfing Kites Canada USA
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The Unity is the Answer...
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The Flysurfer Unity is an extremely stable and user friendly kite designed for land kiting, snow kiting and kite boarding/surfing. It is the perfect kite for people who want to master every discipline with performance and style, whether it be on sand, grass, water or snow! Flysurfer used their knowledge over the years including the Unprecedented Triple Depower R&D that provide then with ground breaking technical Design to produce the Worlds Most well rounded Closed Cell Kite to Date!
> Auto relaunch at the edge of the wind window
> Massive depower
> Low backstall
> Fast turning (greatly improved vs Pulse 2)
> Very stable (almost as stable as the Viron)
> Launch handle to aid launching at the edge of the wind window
> New Infinity Bar 2.0 with certified quick release
> Direct bar feeling and progressive steering forces
> New kite and board bag
> Better drifting for improved wave riding and unhooked performance
> Simplified bridling
> Improved durability
The Unity has a direct bar feeling, turns fast, Auto-relaunches (Video U1 at 1:56) and has loads of de-power. This is the replacement for the Pulse 2 - a very popular kite around the world for riders looking for a user friendly closed cell foil which still has loads of performance.
See the Flysurfer Kiteboarding action Shots.
The Unity now includes a fresh New Infinity Bar 2 Design!

Not only does the Flysurfer Unity excel on the water, the Unity is also Fantastic on the Snow! A True Muti Purpose Kite! See the Unity Product Shots up Close and Personal!
Flysurfer Unity Kiteboarding Snowkiting Kites Canada USA Action Shots Water
Flysurfer Unity Kiteboarding Snowkiting Kites Canada USA Action Shots Water

FLYSURFER UNITY Review and Details

Freeride Freedom ...

Unforgettable sessions, nice jumps and rapid progress ... Fun on water and land will be easier with the much anticipated sequel to the Pulse2 than ever. And because his application is so large we had to just give him a new name: Unity.

We know of no other sport that is as versatile and diverse as the kite. Therefore have made sure that you have to set up a Unity on anything. Whether beginner cruiser, wave or tricks, Unity does it all. You decide what s not, your kite. Here you can kite all the freedom you need, it is whether you practice just the water start or first unhooked tricks. With all helps a particularly wide: The Unity offers the most direct Barfeedback we ve ever built. Of course, belongs to the operating range of the Unity does not stop at the water s edge. Even in the snow with a buggy or mountain board is the Unity is a good choice ... A kite for (almost) everything and everyone.

If you think the first time a Unity in hand, you will realize how easy it can be kite surfing. Because of its moderate pressure build the shield is an excellent place right after the kite lessons that accompany up over several years and will allow you pure in this time stress-free fun. Our proven Triple depower system ensures even more for an incredible wind range that you can forget gusts. Stability? Unity will see a collapse so quickly or you do not back stall. Even otherwise it is well balanced and flies while driving almost completely straight, without a tendency to turn up or down. If the kite to the edge of the window should fall into the water, he peels off immediately from the water. At this position, you can then park it without having to have control. And if you semmel the Unity in the middle of the window into the water? Then you will get it through the reverse start again in the air. However, we have much more done to make kitesurfing as easy as possible.

Stable flight, Huge depower on short Barwegen and moderate pressure build-up ... The Unity you will need the security system any more. And if they do, we have with the INFINITY 2.0 bar and the full depower Safety created the right device. If you trigger, blowing the Unity, as we know it from PSYCHO4 out in the fifth line and folded in half backwards. Then he flies pressure arm to the ground and can start again when needed again.

It has since spread that Flysurfer Kites in terms of durability all surpass what else flies around on the water. We have the Unity, the structure of the kite and crashed again revised the model, as hard as we could. The Unity s guaranteed. If you cannot expect you have a different experience, then our free-repair promise. But this is not the only reason why the Unity is very reliable. We have it that is equipped with an inverted scale system safe from a new material. This not only prevents frustrating swimming deposits, it also ensures that the kite flies stable over time.

Flysurfer Infinity Bar presents with a small sensation in this area. The Infinity Bar 2.0 is highly functional, every detail thought through and despite a number of functions very tidy.

1) Infinity QR 2.0
The developers of FLYSURFER have designed and thus open for sand, mud and ice less susceptible Quick Release System that meets the French standard in perfection. In addition to a safe mode Suicide can also be different Loopgr÷▀en easily implemented. Despite the rich functionality is the system with 157 grams very light and also very compact. The latter extended specifically for small drivers to the available depower the decisive centimeters.

2) rotations without end
Thanks to a new storage, the system can be boring after rotations virtually effortless. Was experimenting with everything to offer the spectrum of mechanical engineers. In the end, the developer against a ball bearing and a plain design have chosen the correct long term under both sandy and dirty and salty conditions, and also one hundred percent rust-free.

3) Double V-Eye
The bar itself trumped in addition to very sophisticated conquerors, notably through a new eye. The ropes are arranged and not as usual, side by side. This minimizes the risk of accidentally getting a finger between the rope. Same time, the new loop, the bar also been badly hit as smooth as one would otherwise know only from non-twisted to systems. This low friction, but has a second major advantage is that the life of the depower line is increased so markedly.
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