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Power per m2 is at a very high level, meaning you can easily take a size smaller than planned.The OUTLAW incorporates all the newest FLYSURFER technologies and features,
bringing 3 new innovations in open-celled kite design to the market!
Optimized and thin profiles combined with our Jet-Flap Technology creates a kite which hardly has any backstall, meaning insane pop for its rider combined with a serious portion of lift.
The already well known Hard/Soft Steering is
continuously adjustable on the OUTLAW
allowing riders to adjust according to
individual desire. In this way,
therider can decide
between extremely heavy or extremely light bar forces -
even up to 50% lighter than any other kite!

The OUTLAW comes standard with the Front Line Safety and included you will find a Backstall-Line for the OUTLAW bar to activate the Back Stall Safety (BSS), which is preferred by many snow- and landkite users. Through this combination the rider has a further developed and optimized safety, which combines a high safety level with the possibility of a re-launch!
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Open Cell Foil Kite for Land & Snow