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Snow Kite Masters event took place from January 8th to 16th. We are glad to inform that ABoards Kiteboarding team rider Caroline Onarheim riding on ABoards REVERSE 158 freestyle snowkiteboard got 3rd place in worlds women Freestyle Snowboard category.

Photos courtesy of riders and  Pascal Boulgakoff,  White Kite News,
2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_001 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_002 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_003 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_004 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_005 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_006 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_007 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_008 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_009
2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_09 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_010 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_011 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_012 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_013 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_014 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_015 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_016 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_017
2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_018 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_019 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_020 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_021 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_022 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_023 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_025 2011_Ozone_Frenzy_11m_Powder_0243
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