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2011 Aboards Surfboard

2010 model 56 and 5'11" kite surf board from ABoards Kiteboarding is not only enhanced board with improved core construction, but also features whole range of new accessories. All boards in standard come with honey comb + wood combined thruster fins set for durability and strength of construction. Fins are red color for better visibility in water. Footstraps have been derived from successful and ultra comfy kiteboard straps. Board itself is a high performance material; perfectly suited for general strapped-in riding whereas more experienced riders will also be able to take it without.

Board is built with multilayer glass epoxy and has specially reinforced areas around footstraps, pads and fins. Wooden stringers in the board allow optimal stiffness for confident riding. Progressive rocker line gives excellent maneuverability whilst sharper edges at the rear side ensure clean exits and outmost control. Squash tail provides stability at powered bottom turns without sacrificing the quickness and necessary feel.
5' 6"
5' 11"

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Feeride/freestyle riding

Light wind / school board
Fun & performance
Strapped in and strapless riding
Multilayer glass epoxy finishing
Reinforced areas around pads and fins
Wooden stringers for optimal stiffness
Progressive rocker for excellent __maneuverability
Sharper edges at the rear
Squash tail
Honey comb + wood red color thruster ___fins
Aboards Kiteboarding Kiteboards Canada USA Worldwide! 2013-2014 X-Series 131, 134, 137, ABoards Z-Series 130, 133, 136, ABoards Flip 138, 138 ,145, ABoards Glider ABoards Kite Snowboards Canada Wide Toronto Ontario Canada Ship or Pick up.
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