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2010 ABoards Kite Snowboards

Sizes 155 158 161

2009 It has long been vision of ABoards team to develop a board that could be truly called “2 in 1 board” fitting equally well for 2 winter sports - snowkiting and snowboarding.

The board’s shape in combination with tunnel concave bottom deck will ensure outstanding edging and upwind ability. It comes in 4 sizes, with 134x45cm WIDE version to provide you a medium sized board also in light wind days.
PBK Paul Aboards - Snowboard
PBK Paul Aboards - Snowboard
Aboards Snowboards - Zoom In
Aboards Snowboards - Zoom In
Top & Bottom - Zoom In
Top & Bottom - Zoom In
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Feeride/freestyle riding

After continuous development work successful result was achieved allowing to have a single board for both: snowkite and snowboarding holidays.

Tests have shown that ABoards 2010 kite+snowboard suits well not only advanced riders but also beginners and intermediates. Beginners will enjoy the board when making first steps in snowkiting or relaxingly cruising down the slopes of snowboard resorts. Rippers will find it equally great in snowboard parks without a kite or when performing freestyle tricks with a kite in the mountain wilderness.
Aboard KiteSnoaboards are made for Kiters.

Twin tips and Wide for all the great Snowkiting Charavteristics Kiters look for in a Snowboard.
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PBK Paul Kitesnowboarding on the Aboards Kite Snowboard and the Frenzy FYX at Keswick Near Toronto...
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