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2010 ABoards X-series

2010 X-series by ABoards Kiteboarding board collection is the highest performance board geared to new school and freestyle/wakestyle riding.

The board is enhanced with premium graphics and is decked out with an extra insert to allow a wider stance position and to accommodate standard wakeboard bindings.

X-series 3D progressive board is manufactured with snowboard technology making it very strong highly durable.

The board’s geometry, rocker and core is specially fine-tuned for kite wake-style riding.
SS Inserts - Zoom In
SS Inserts - Zoom In
X-Series Bottom - Zoom In
X-Series Bottom - Zoom In
X-Series Top - Zoom In
X-Series Top - Zoom In
Aboards World Cup Winners
Aboards World Cup Winners
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• Compatibility with standard wakeboard  boot bindings
• Extra insert position for wide stance
• Kiteboard rocker adapted for wakestyle
• Combined core tuned for  wakestyle/freestyle riding
• Special geometry customized for   powered moves

Optimized for pop maneuvers
• 3D top deck with multiple flex zones
• Bi-directional flex tips
• Tunnel concave bottom deck
• Anti-spray cuts
• Durable anti-scratch cover
• Upwinders - extended outline tips
• ABS bumper rails
• Premium graphics
• Glossy top sheet finishing
• Snowboard base technology bottom --sheet
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Aboards X-Series
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