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Size: 7.5 m2
Wind range: 16-36 knots (WW75)
Size when packed: 228 cm long and 15 * 15 cm wide

A New era for water sports is about to begin. After countless hours of test riding and over three years of product development, Kitewing Sports Ltd, the producer of Kitewing hand-held wing shaped rigid kites, is launching a brand new product for water use.

The “newborn” has been named Wave Warrior. The Wave Warrior is a Kitewing, which is used on water with a board similar to surfing or kiteboarding. This revolutionary product will change the world of water sports for good.

It feels like holding the wind in your hands:

Perhaps the best way to describe how riding with the Wave Warrior feels is how one Kitewing team rider put it: it feels like holding the wind in your hands. But the Wave Warrior also brings a new feeling of freedom and easiness to water sports.
Riding it is easy and safe to learn, and it requires little riding space. Windsurfers who tested Wave Warrior, learned to plane with it in rough conditions in just over 30 minutes. Riders with previous experience with Kitewing learned it in a few minutes.

Even water starts can be learned within 30 minutes with instruction. And the good news does not stop here. Riding the Wave Warrior requires less muscle power than wind- or kitesurfing. Moreover, the wing is totally depowerable, which makes it very safe to use. To top it all, the Wave Warrior has a huge wind range (16-36 knots for one wing and 75kg rider).

More airtime in a day than after years of windsurfing
For windsurfers, the Wave Warrior opens a totally new world in what comes to airtime. Our test crew made approximately three meter high jumps from 30cm waves. No hand jumps can also be performed. Erik Hopmans, Kitewing and MBS Mountainboards teamrider, concluded after testing Wave Warrior: I had more airtime in one day with the Wave Warrior than after years of windsurfing!
What is a Kitewing?

Kitewing is a wing shaped kite. Many people call it “the wing” for short, just because of its shape. You can use Kitewing with your skis, snowboard, mountainboard, skates or in-line skates etc. Many say it is like a mix of kite surfing and wind surfing.

Most riders learn to cruise with the wing in half an hour. At the same time there seems to be no limit to the amazing jumps and tricks that are being developed by many keen riders around the globe at the moment: Speeds up to 100 km/h (62 mp/h) and 5 m high, 40 m long jumps on flat surface are not unusual.

We at Kitewing Sports Ltd. believe that the combination of it being easy and challenging at the same time is the reason for the rapidly growing popularity of this new action sport.

What’s the difference between dacron and monofilm?

Dacron is a non-transparent material, which is easier to pack, since you can roll the sail around the rig and don’t need to remove the sail from the rig and is therefore more popular for example in rental use. Monofilm is a bit more responsive material ( the sail does not stretch). The downside of monofilm is that you need to remove the sail from the rig.
Which size of wing should I choose?

Toease choosing of the wing we have now a selection chart, from which you can choose the wing according to your Weight, windspeed, surface and your abilities.

Why should I choose Kitewing instead of other traction gear?

The kitewing is easier to learn and handle than windsurfing or kitesurfing gear. It’s also very safe for the people around, since there are no lines. The wing is also TOTALLY depowerable, since you have direct control to the wind. Compared to windsurfing rigs a kitewing covers easily 4 windsurfing sail sizes ( which often requires two different masts). Compared to powerkites a kitewing covers around 2-3 kitesizes.The kitewing does not pull you sideways such as a windsurfing sail, but gives you pull that is a bit upwards, so you never carry the sail you pull it a bit downward.

Can I use a harness?

Yes, almost all kinds of windsurfing or kitesurfing harnesses work well. We offer harnesslines that are a bit longer than windsurfing lines and the v-line is something that you can’t get from windsurfing or kitesurfing companies.

Can the wing be used on water?

YES! See the PBK Water Gallery The wavewarrior can be used on water. It’s materials and features are suitable for water use. Also there is no kind of problem to use the wavewarrior on ground.
The Wavewarrior board

A specially designed board for use with the Wavewarrior, for agility and high jumps. It has a prfect ballance for riding with a wing.  Measures: 197 x 55,5 x 7,5 cm, equipped with deckpads, footstraps and 3 pcs FCS fin system

Wavewarrior assembly manual

Wavewarrior waterstart how-to (pdf)

Wavewarrior instructions video (Windows media / wmv)
The Bull-it board

A specially designed board for use with the Wavewarrior for earlier planing in lighter conditions or for heavier users. It has lower rocker and a wide shape, inspired by the formula boards in windsurfing. It is quick and easy to manoeuver but stable, an excellent entry-level board. Measures: 200 x 80 x 10,5 cm, equipped with deckpad, footsraps and 1 US-Box + 2 FCS fins.
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