A $160 1hr  each +hst save $20 each for 2+ people
Tech Info at the Beach or Park after Buying your Kite (No Flying)
     For Kiters that want extra support after getting
     their kites from PBK after reading the manual to
     get all the basics on Flysurfer Kites
     We'll open up the kite and go over the Parts.
     Bridals and Bar.
        (No Launch or Landing info)

B $280 2hrs each +hst save $20 each for 2+ people
Set up, Take Down, Self Rescue Techniques (No Flying)

For Kiters that need a refresher or just want to spend the time with PBK Paul to go over some details in person.

C $380 2.5hrs each +hst save $20 each for 2+ people
A-B and Flying the Kite and Tips.
Up to 3 Hours. For Kiters that want that Extra Help on flying their new Foil Kite for valuable first hand Guidelines and info from Pauls Experiences Paul Demonstrates.

D $380 2.5hrs each +hst save $20 each for 2+ people
Lone Kiter, for when you want to fly with our Instructor for a few hours.

For Kiters that don't want to fly their their new Foil Kite Alone and would feel more comfortable with our instruction to help launch and land your kite or to help or just be around for a few hours. This is also a great way to learn about a new spot.

E $100 1hr Extra time after A-B-C or D. To keep the thrill going! Time Flies and Kiting is FUN! Add some extra time for more Thrills!

D $80 .5hr Skype Real time Feedback.
$140 1hr Skype Real time Feedback.
Free when you Purchase a FS Kite from PBK.
At PBK We Specialize in Flysurfer Kites as Well as Inflatables. Full time 24/7 International Support.
Wherever you are in the World. This is for you!

+ What Size Foil Kite should I get? 15 vs 19 vs 21?
+ What is the Foil Kite compared to Inflatables?
+ What is the Zephyr 17m like in Lightwinds.
+ What will work for my Location.
+ What is the best size for my weight?
+ How will a Foil Kite compare to what I have?
+ How do I relaunch a Foil Kite?
+ What do I do when it Crashes?
+ How long will it Float?
+ What Exper PBK tips can I get?
+ I'm the only one my area can PBK help?
+ How do jump with a Foil Kite.
+ I keep crashing my Kite, Can PBK Help?
+ I'm doing something wrong, but just don't know
    what it  is?
Q: How does PBK know so much?
A: PBK rides fulltime and has many Customers.
     Experimentation and advanced kiter
     Specialize in Foil Kites and Foils
     <See PBK Videos. + Much more info...

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