Swivel Bindings Plates
Swivel Bindings Plates

Snowkiting Swivel Bindings | Plates for Snowkiting, Kite Snowboarding

Snowkiting Swivel Bindings Out of Stock. No Longer produced. However, if we get a trade in. We'll advertise them on this page. Bookmark this page for future reference.

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Ozone Snowkiting Kites

More Picts Below. See PBK Paul Riding... :
Kiteboarding Stance! Feels more like Kiteboarding. 90Deg freedom of movement.
Left 45 Right 45.

At PBKiteboarding.com, we are very happy to have this option for Customers.

SEE Them in Action in this PBK Kite Snowboarding Video.
Swivel Bindings Plates
Six years of research and development.
Over 1,000 hours of in-field testing.
And three successive prototypes have led us to the ultimate product!

The Swivel Bindings
With these Swivel Bindings pivoting plates installed between your board and bindings, you’ll be set to explore all possible stance angles.
Now you’ll be able to switch from duck to race, goofy, or regular stance without even stopping.

- 4 Screw hole Setup
- Apply Swivel plates to your own board or purchase a
-----Aboards Kite Snowboard
- Use your own 4 hole binding and apply to Plate
- 90degree Swivel with adjustments
- Lock at angles if desired for snowkiting or downhill
- Tension Adjustments to suit your style
Swivel Bindings Plates

Swivel Bindings Plates