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Riding features of X-series:

- Kite oriented wakestyle/freestyle riding
- Combination of great pop and upwind ability
- Outline for maneuverability at high speeds
- Extra widened stance
- Compatibility with kite wake and wakeboard binding

Technology features of X-series:

- 3D bottom with hydrodynamic stabilizers for greater
__control and stability
- Combined core with integrated anti-stress stringers
- Rocker and geometry customized for powered moves
__and pop
- 3D top deck with 3-stage flex zones
- Multidirectional flex tips
- Tunnel concave bottom deck
- ABS bumper rails
- Glossy top sheet finishing
- Snowboard base technology bottom sheet
- Durable anti-scratch cover
Kiteboarding Toronto Ontario Canada Video PBK Paul riding the
2010 Ozone Edge 13m & the 2010 Aboards X-Series 137
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